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6:13- Bill Zimpfer- Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is now asking for more information on how the FAA handled the approval of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft. Did Boeing take shortcuts to get the Max on the flight line more quickly? What role might the FAA have played?

6:43- William Mapp- Top Tech Stories of the Week


Earlier this week, Google made an announcement that left many with their heads spinning. Google announced a new gaming service called Stadia which will be served through the cloud and not require hardware. Google is claiming Stadia will offer performance that’s obscenely powerful with performance that multiplies the Xbox One and not require hardware. So far there’s only one game available, Doom Eternal, but maybe this developer might be interested. Others thing Google is only trying to keep YouTube in the top spot, since they highlighted over 50 billion, with a ‘B’, hours of game play are watched on YouTube.


We sure do love Facebook news. Facebook has settled a class action lawsuit with the ACLU over targeted ads for jobs, credit, and other items. At issue was the ability to give advertisers the ability to only offer job advertisements for men, specific ethnicities, or targeted ages. These rules break the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because you are not allowed discriminate for jobs and other items based upon gender, age, or ethnicity.


Last week, a New Zealand mosque was attacked and the shooter uploaded live footage of the scene as it unfolded. Usually, ISPs wait until a court order has been mandated before blocking access to specific sites. The Australian ISPs, Spark, Vodafone, Vocus, and 2degrees voluntarily began blocking access to 4chan and 8chan to sites that the video was spread. Most of the time, ISPs and technology providers vehemently keep their pipes open in the name of free speech, but this was an exception that needed to be made. My biggest fear is that more incidences like this may happen in the future were a madman will live stream footage, and hopefully ISPs block heinous acts from being delivered to the whole of the Internet.

7:13- Ray Stagich WX

7:43- Michael Bower- One of the most controversial parts of Alexandria Ocasio Cortes’ “Green New Deal” is upgrading all existing buildings in the United States to the highest energy standards. Is this an impossible task to tackle? What places in the U.S. are already instituting these standards? Are they successful? What is NYC doing?

8:13- Will Bernie Sanders Split the Democratic Party in 2020?

8:23- Merle-Fest Ticket Drop

8:43- Dr Erin Allgood "Ask a Vet Thursday"

8:52- Dr Erin Allgood Continued.

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