What you Need to Know: Coronavirus Prep Information

As with any health related story, I always refer to the experts...not the pundits or the politicos...the experts. You know, scientists, doctors...that type of thing.

The coverage from the mainstream media on the Coronavirus outbreak has reached new levels of horrific.

I'm not going to do that here.

I reached out to my Doctor, Dr. Carly Brown from Ashewell Medical Group, and asked her for her advice as to what was the best way to cover this story so as to not incite panic and fear...here's some of her thoughts on where we are right now.

"Hard question. I think the CDC info is good. I agree there is conflicting info coming out. I also think because this is such a new virus, the info is trickling out and they are working to gather as much as possible. I think some info that is lore will be proven wrong once we have the long distance view.

Right now, older people and people with medical problems - CDC says stay home."

So what should you be doing to be prepared? Check out the CDC website HERE...this is the page that seems to have the most amount of information and its easily accessible.

And remember...freaking out and panicking doesn't do any one any good...and for heaven's sake quit buying up all the toilet paper!

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