Pete's Prep: Thursday, March 1, 2018

Has President Trump sold out gun owners?

Is President Trump willing to cave on gun rights to "do something" on gun violence?


It's a two-fer!

The president is talking about infringements on Second Amendment rights AND Fifth Amendment rights of due process.


Who could've seen this coming?

But wait!

There's more!

The President told Republicans to drop conceal carry reciprocity from the "Fix NICS" bill to get it passed.


Lots of candidates doesn't mean lots of close races

The North Carolina political set is super psyched about how candidates have filed in every state legislative race. Maybe it's just my contrarian nature, but I don't see this as The Biggest Deal it's being portrayed as.

Of course, maybe I'm right.

John Hood from the conservative John Locke Foundation points out the obvious:

It’s being called a historic milestone. But just because every state legislative seat will be contested in this year’s general election for the first time in memory doesn’t mean most races will be competitive.

And as I noted in yesterday's post - every dollar, every volunteer, and any effort to elect a candidate in an unwinnable race is a dollar, volunteer, and effort that could've gone to a winnable one.

...while the political parties actively recruited candidates from across the state, other questions remain: How many are credible; can put together legitimate campaigns; can raise enough money to win; and can get solid support from their parties or caucuses? It’s likely some head-to-head contests won’t be competitive.

Or maybe it's not about winning races at all.

Maybe it's about the lawsuits Democrats are looking to bring if they lose...


Speaking of competitive races..

Asheville City Councilman Keith Young wants to represent Charlotte in Congress.

From the Citizen-Times:

"As I serve in the largest city west of Charlotte, I frequently wonder if my congresspeople across the state realize we depend on their voices to represent the rest of us who have lost representation, due to to the ills of Republican leadership in Washington, and in our own backyards," his statement says.

"As public servants, we should have an obligation to despise serving in mediocrity. We must strive to serve in a manner where our constituents not only know what we stand for, but who we stand for. Constituents should see us doing this in all things," it says.

It seems like Councilman Young has had his sights set on a higher office since he first won election.

Here's a screenshot from his announcement video:

MAGA hat burns - Keith Young video


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