Pete's Prep: Monday, March 12, 2018

The "Blue Wave" will require more than suburban votes

In North Carolina (like most of America), city voters tend to vote for Democrats. And rural voters tend to go Republican. 

The conventional wisdom is that Democrats need to focus on persuading suburban voters in order to fulfill their predicted "Blue Wave."

Dr. Michael Bitzer writes at his blog:

Notably, suburban counties, making up 21 percent of the state's votes, are the most Republican counties in the state, with over 60 percent of their votes going to the GOP.  And likely due to the populist appeal of the Trump campaign in the state in 2016, rural counties went almost 60 percent for the Republican presidential candidate, but these votes were less than a quarter of those cast in North Carolina.

Of course, the quality of the candidates matter - as does the Democrats' ability to win more rural votes than they have in recent history.

Or maybe winning rural voters will look like the candidate in Pennsylvania District 18... 


Having "an honest conversation" about guns

A Virginia state lawmaker made a succinct and powerful argument about the gun control debate and why it's so difficult to actually address school shootings.

This is worth the 7 minutes to watch!

(Hat tip: Tim)


And when an honest and civil conversation is not possible on the biggest issues of our time, people get increasingly frustrated and agitated.

If directed effectively, it can be used to create societal instability and violence.

I am increasingly concerned that this is what many Americans are interested in seeing. (Of course, the violence will not affect them, personally!) 

Kurt Schlichter has been a loud voice on this impending violence - although his warnings might inspire more of the rage required to foment such violence:

Probably because I’ve spent time where they actually had a civil war, many people ask me – people whose names you know – whether I think this turmoil will all end in a Second Civil War. They are seriously concerned, and not without cause – the left’s hatred for Normal Americans and its dedication to totally stripping the people who are the backbone of this country of their ability to participate in their own governance is threatening to rip the country apart.

Do I think there will be a civil war? No, but there could be. This is the Age of Black Swans, and anything is possible – we could easily see the country split into red and blue. Civil war is unlikely, but never underestimate Democrat stupidity and hatred. The Schlichter family learned that lesson a century and half ago, the last time the Democrats decided to try to impose their hatred of basic human rights on the rest of the country, when an army of Democrats burned our family hometown.

Oh, they paid for it. And they would pay again. Democrats are 0-1 in insurrections, and if they went for another round, they would be 0-2. It’s a matter of terrain, numbers, and morale.

What too many people fail to realize is that political debate is an effort to avoid war. A society that cannot solve its problems and disagreements with politics is more likely to solve them with violence.

Pete Kaliner

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