Asheville releases police body cam video

As I'm going through these videos, I'll drop some notes here.

***WARNING: These videos contain profanity & violence***

The first video I watched was the one taken from Sgt. Lisa Taube's body cam.

Mr. Rush had previously told the Asheville Citizen-Times that Sgt. Taube accused him of lying about being beaten up and that she yelled at him.

Before viewing the body camera footage for the first time, Rush on Feb. 28 recounted that night and how Taube interacted with him.

"I was trying to explain to her what happened but I'm still trying to catch my breath from what happened," he said in the Feb. 28 interview.

"So, I"m telling her, trying to explain to her what happened. That is when she is telling me, I'm lying, I'm lying. 'My officer is not going to do that.'

"So, I’m like, “Ma’am, you weren’t even here to even know what happened. So you can’t stand here and tell me that I’m lying about what happened when you’re not even here,'" Rush said.

Both of these accusations are not true.

On this same video, you can hear Officer Hickman describe that he punched Rush after Rush resisted arrest, by jabbing his elbows outward and trying to grab Hickman's taser.

Rush also confirms that he did not put his hands behind his back for the cops when they repeatedly told him to do so.

Ironically, Rush tells the officers that his aunt was hit by a car at the same stretch of road while she was jaywalking.

Here's that video:


Next, I watched the final video.

I've been very interested to see the exchange Hickman and Rush at the hospital later in the evening.

Rush apologizes to Hickman, and Hickman gets Rush a cigarette. They remove the cuffs from Rush who says he "didn't mean for this to happen."

The cops respond, "We didn't, either."

They discuss how the interaction escalated and it's all very calm and rational. Rush acknowledges "I was in the wrong" tells Hickman he didn't have to punch him like he did.

Hickman replied, 'Yeah, I did. Because you never complied my order."

Also, Hickman never uses a racial slur against Rush, as Rush told the local paper.

After the encounter, Rush said he was taken to the hospital and while there said Hickman was abusive to him and used a racial slur.

In fact, the video shows that all three men are amicable towards each other.



The first video is just Hickman standing outside the convenience store as Ruggiero talks with Rush. One thing it does show, though, is the traffic on the street. And, despite the narrative that it was deserted, you can plainly see traffic coming and going at a pretty steady pace.

Video #2 is the one that someone (widely assumed to be Capt. Stoney Gonce) leaked to the local paper.



This video gives us a look at the struggle to subdue Rush by Hickman and Ruggiero.

You can clearly see Rush is rolling around on the ground and refuses to put his hands behind his back.

You can see Officer Luis Delgado grabs Rush's right arm, who fights back the attempt.

You can also hear an officer telling Rush to stop kicking him.



Videos 5, 6, 7 & 8 don't really provide any new information. Just officers on scene as Rush is already in custody.

You can see all the videos by going here.

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