Pete's Prep: Wednesday, April 4, 2018

YouTube shooting not such big news for some reason

Yesterday, the news channels had wall-to-wall coverage of the active shooter situation at the California headquarters of YouTube.

The shooter killed herself after critically injuring three.

Today's coverage is... well...


Also... it turns out that someone saw something... and said something to try to prevent violence.

And nothing happened.



No background checks done on Dems' IT guy? Really?!

This story just gets weirder. From the Daily Caller:

Every one of the 44 House Democrats who hired Pakistan-born IT aides who later allegedly made “unauthorized access” to congressional data appears to have chosen to exempt them from background checks, according to congressional documents.

All of them appear to have waived background checks on Imran Awan and his family members, even though the family of server administrators could collectively read all the emails and files of 1 in 5 House Democrats, and despite background checks being recommended for such positions, according to an inspector general’s report. The House security policy requires offices to fill out a form attesting that they’ve initiated background checks, but it also includes a loophole allowing them to simply say that another member vouched for them.

Among the red flags in Abid’s background were a $1.1 million bankruptcy; six lawsuits against him or a company he owned; and at least three misdemeanor convictions including for DUI and driving on a suspended license, according to Virginia court records. 

Well, this is terrifying

Zombie raccoons are a thing now?

Police are investigating reports of "zombie-like" raccoons in northeast Ohio. CBS affiliate WKBN-TV reports  that Youngstown police have received more than a dozen calls in the  past three weeks about raccoons acting strangely in the daytime. 

Photographer  Robert Coggeshall said he was playing with his dogs outside his home  last week when a raccoon approached them. He put the dogs back in the  house and said the raccoon followed them to the door. 

"He would  stand up on his hind legs, which I've never seen a raccoon do before,  and he would show his teeth and then he would fall over backward and go  into almost a comatose condition," Coggeshall said, WKBN-TV reported.

That raccoon and 14 others that police responded to were euthanized. 

Actually, it's a condition called distemper.

But nicely done CBS News! Get those clicks.

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