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Silent Sam statue torn down

A mob of leftist vandals tore down a confederate statue on UNC-Chapel Hill's campus, and I suspect many North Carolina politicians are relieved.

It saves officials - elected and appointed - from making a decision that is going to hack off a large group of people less than three months before the election. And it can be used to motivate people to vote.

Gov. Roy Cooper gets to tut-tut the act, saying he "understands that many people are frustrated by the pace of change and he shares their frustration, but violent destruction of public property has no place in our communities." And now the decision is made for him. And all of us.

A.P. Dillon makes it pretty clear that this was a well-planned and organized project, likely led by the same people who tore down the confederate monument in Durham.

Here is one video from the News & Observer:


I've not seen anyone discussing the obvious white privilege on display, as white male students muscle the black female cop out of their way.

The North Carolina Historical Commission Confederate Monuments Study Committee meets tomorrow morning to consider moving three other statues, and to decide whether members of the public can petition the body to have statues removed.

At its 10 a.m. meeting, the study committee will discuss its recommendation to the full N.C. Historical Commission regarding a petition from the N.C. Department of Administration to relocate three Confederate monuments from the State Capitol grounds in Raleigh to the Bentonville Battlefield State Historic Site in Four Oaks. 

Following the committee meeting, the full Historical Commission will meet to consider the study committee’s recommendation regarding the three State Capitol monuments. 

The commission has received requests from private individuals to relocate the “Silent Sam” monument at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, but has not received a petition from the university, the UNC system, or its governing body, the Board of Governors. At this meeting, the commission may seek advice from legal counsel on the legal standing of individuals to bring these requests, but does not intend to address the merits of the requests at this meeting.

So, this mob of social justice vandals made the decision for all the people of the state, and I am sure we'll hear condemnation from Democrats.



In other words: the ends justify the means. 

These same Democratic lawmakers expel copious amounts of breath attacking Republicans for rushing bills through the legislative process. Their demands for more discussion and more input from more people are as constant as the leftist drumbeat towards statism.

But when a process doesn't move quickly enough for leftists, they say they are justified in taking whatever action they desire. (This is why I don't believe them when they say they'd govern differently.)

In the postmodernist's view, words and statues are literally violence, and anyone who opposes their views is subject to retaliation. This is a recipe for riots, and they are aided by media people who narrate the left's misdeeds, covering for them like a helicopter parent protecting their babies from all the ouchies.

For example -- Dave DeWitt is the Managing Editor of the local NPR affiliate. Look at how he describes one of the men in this video. Then watch the video.


This is why you should expect to see more of those massive confederate flags getting hoisted along North Carolina interstates. The left is promoting vigilante vandalism. There will be a reaction.

Which, I suspect, is what most of them think they want.

But, wait! There's more!

The sale of Mission Hospital could put tens of millions of dollars into rural health agencies and non-profits.

Democratic strategist is mad that newspaper guy mildly put a teensy bit of fault on the Democrats for current state of NC politics.

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