Pete's Prep: Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Some days, it's like trying to drink from a fire hose...

Buncombe Commissioners seem afraid to govern

The Buncombe Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) made some changes to its personnel policies, while rejecting an effort to put them in control of employee pay raises.

I'll go over this in detail on the show today.

Judges remove two constitutional amendments from ballot

The Carolina Journal has the details on that scrapped two proposed constitutional amendments from the ballot. They said voters wouldn't understand what the amendments would do.

In an unusual order likely to be appealed, a majority of a three-judge Superior Court panel  removed two constitutional amendments from the Nov. 6 ballot. The court  ruled the language drafted by the Republican-led General Assembly would  mislead voters.

Judges Forrest Bridges, a Democrat,  and Thomas Lock, unaffiliated, ruled ballot language describing  constitutional amendments involving separation of powers and filling  judicial vacancies didn’t accurately describe the intent or consequences  of the amendments. They granted a preliminary injunction Tuesday, Aug.  21, to keep them off the ballot. 

Judge Jeffery Carpenter, a Republican, dissented, and will file a separate opinion.

The full panel agreed voters could  understand the ballot language for constitutional amendments requiring  photo ID to vote and capping the income tax rate, and left them on the  ballot.

The panel didn’t consider the N.C.  Conference of NAACP’s contention that the General Assembly was a usurper  legislative body unconstitutionally seated through racial  gerrymandering. The court said it didn’t have jurisdiction to make such a  ruling, and even if the group’s arguments were correct, implementing  the ruling would cause chaos.

The NAACP says it will appeal.

Confederate statues to remain at NC Capitol

The NC Historical Commission met today and decided to keep the three Confederate monuments at the State Capitol. But they also proposed adding more memorials.

Longleaf Politics has a good write-up on the issue, including what happened this morning:

The commission was tasked with approving or denying Gov. Cooper’s  petition to move the Confederate monuments on the State Capitol grounds  to the Bentonville Battlefield State Historic Site in Johnston County.

Citing the 2015 state law, a split N.C. Historical Commission voted not to approve moving the monuments.

The commission did vote unanimously to acknowledge that  representation at the State Capitol grounds was imbalanced, and  supported raising money to add monuments honoring African-Americans and  other minority groups.

They also recommended adding signage putting the Confederate monuments in historical context.

In the meeting, commission member Chris E. Fonvielle Jr., a  professional historian, did affirm at length that the Civil War was  about slavery. He also acknowledged that the statues mean different  things to different people. But he said that more than 80% of North  Carolinians are not in favor of moving them, per public comments.

Other commission members said that the General Assembly is in its  power to change the 2015 law, and said the commission could recommend  adding more context around the monuments.

“I believe the monuments need to tell the truth,” said commission  member Samuel Dixon. “I think we can tell a full and inclusive story.”

I think this approach might show the most promise for people seeking peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation. 

Iconoclasts will not be satisfied with this, I'm sure. But iconoclasts never are satisfied.

The Governor says the General Assembly needs to change the law to allow for monuments to be removed. 

But, wait! There's more!

The lawyer for Donald Trump's lawyer says "There is no dispute that Donald Trump committed a crime." President Trump ripped Michael Cohen and accused him of making up stories.

The President's former campaign manager was convicted on 8 of 18 federal charges.

There may be more victims of Spartanburg serial killer Todd Kohlhepp.

A federal judge ruled that the NC Constitution Party can have its candidates listed on the ballot

Marion names Bigfoot as its official animal.

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