Pete's Prep: Friday, Sept. 21, 2018

The Kavanaugh confirmation gets even worse

A longtime friend of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been teasing his Twitter followers for days that there would be evidence brought forth that would prove Kavanaugh was innocent of the unsupported accusation of sexual assault from 36 years ago.

Last night, Whelan unveiled his "evidence" - which identified a house near the country club where a Kavanaugh classmate lived at the time of the alleged incident. This classmate looked a lot like Kavanaugh and is friends with the only alleged witness (Mark Judge). Whelan named this former classmate.

Outrage immediately erupted among conservatives (and, of course the left - but that's expected).

They savaged Whelan for recklessly accusing a man without any evidence. (Naturally, I expect NO media outlets to attempt to speak with this former classmate.)

NY Magazine called the theory "bonkers" - although it's not.

But Whelan's act allowed the accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, to deny it was anyone other than Kavanaugh.

Ford quickly issued a statement dismissing  the theory. She said of Kavanaugh and the classmate, “I knew them both,  and socialized with” them. She said she’d visited the other classmate  in the hospital, so “there is zero chance that I would confuse them.”

If Kavanaugh was, himself, involved in Whelan's reckless and defamatory Tweetstorm (which he deleted this morning), Kavanaugh should not only be disqualified from the Supreme Court, but he should be removed from his current position as a DC Circuit Court judge.

Whelan's performance is as bad as Christina King Miranda's - who said the attack on Dr. Ford was known throughout the school. Media reported this story, only to have it fall apart within hours.

NBC’s post went viral, but very quickly thereafter, the classmate deleted her post and admitted to not knowing what took place between Kavanaugh and the accuser.

“In my [Facebook] post, I was empowered and I was sure it probably did [happen],” Miranda said, according to NPR. “I had no idea that I would now have to go to the specifics and defend it before 50 cable channels and have my face spread all over MSNBC news and Twitter.”

NBC later had to revise the story.

What we're witnessing is the final stages of the Salem Witchification of America - thanks to the power of social media and the dishonesty of legacy media operations. 

The American Left is charging headfirst towards a horizon where due process and presumed innocence are no longer foundations of our society. They are being led by Democratic lawmakers who say crazy things, as they refuse to participate in the very investigation they demand.

They are completely at ease with the destruction of a person, simply because the accusation sounds like something that COULD have happened. Or actually DID happen to them. They are layering their own experiences over this story, and believing it to be corroboration. 

This is frighteningly Stalinist.

It's no big deal. Sure, Kavanaugh's children will be tormented with "Your daddy's a rapist" for the rest of their lives. Sure, his wife gets to endure death threats for standing by her rapist husband. And, sure, Kavanaugh will be forever whispered about when he enters a room, "There's that rapist." 

All of this is perfectly acceptable to the Left - because even though there has been literally no evidence to support the accusation, the important thing is that he doesn't get the appointment to the Supreme Court.

I have come across this sentiment repeatedly in the past few days. Here is the latest - from last night:


People like this are being encouraged by Democratic Senators who are vile and destructive to a just and civil society. Like these two:


The accuser has also made a list of demands for her to testify before the Judiciary Committee (which she said she would last week). Many of the demands are un-serious and turn American jurisprudence on its head.

But, wait! There's more!

The Charlotte Observer editorial board "feels... odd" about how Governor Roy Cooper is producing videos touting his leadership during the hurricane - as floodwaters were still rising.

Gov. Cooper has called for a special session to deal with hurricane relief - something the legislature has already said it would do. The Carolina Journal reports that there's $103.7 million ready for him to spend.

Duke Energy says some coal ash spilled out of containment pits due to flooding down east.

Google employees looked at how to tweak the search engine to promote opposition to President Trump's "travel ban." The tech giant says it never implemented any of the ideas.

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