Local educator busted for stealing yard sign

Local educator busted for stealing yard sign

A local college professor has been arrested for stealing political signs out of a man's yard. It's the latest example of how progressives' efforts to erase their opponents' arguments ahead of the November election.

The big yellow signs are aimed at ousting the Democrat majority on the Buncombe Board of County Commissioners - in the wake of a years-long corruption scandal involving top officials. Democrats have controlled the Board of decades.

But Republicans have a chance to win a majority if they can win the District 2 seat - currently held by Ellen Frost (D) who is not running for re-election.

Local businessman and author, Mike Summey, set up a political action committee and began printing the signs. They've been popping up all over the county.

And leftists have responded by vandalizing the signs.

Over the weekend, Summey caught two women stealing his signs.

"This is just one of those things that shouldn't be happening," said Mike Summey, organizer of the political action committee Angry Buncombe Taxpayers, which has already paid for and installed about 600 "drain the swamp" signs around the county. 

"If  you’ve got a difference of opinion, you don’t go out stealing or  damaging the property of people with other opinions," Summey said. "And  if you’re an intelligent person, like an associate professor, you should  know better."

The professor to whom Summey  referred is Amanda Wray, an associate professor of English at UNCA,  according to university spokeswoman Sarah Broberg. Wray — who holds a  Ph.D. in rhetoric, composition and the teaching of English — is charged  with one count of removing a political sign, a misdemeanor.

A look at Amanda Wray's two profiles on the UNCA website, shows she is steeped in the social justice warrior soup. She states: 

"I am interested in language practices, looking in particular at the ways in which words have social power (to construct and deconstruct). What you say has great potential to contribute to or to interrupt social norms, and students in my classes can expect conversation about everyday strategies for using language to address social oppressions."

Of course, when your words of social power fail to convince free people to construct your imagined utopia, you might need to stop your opponents from speaking.

Wray has one profile under the English Department. The other is under the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department

Both are peppered with virtually all of the requisite buzzwords of the corrupted grievance studies

  • a Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies
  • a dissertation called Lived Histories and the Changing Rhetoric of White Identity
  • a class she teaches called Introduction to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
  • another class named Women’s Life Writing and Social Activism
  • a paper titled "Rhetorics of Interruption: Navigating Sexism in the Academy”
  • a future book titled "Surviving Sexism in Academia: Strategies for Feminist Leadership"
  • also "Feminist Rhetorical Praxis: Everyday Feminism as Public Agora"
  • "Teaching Professional Writing and Anti-Oppression Rhetorics"
  • "Racial Slurs: Authority and Implications”
  • "The Rhetoric of Racism: First-Year Composition Students on Affirmative Action."

Wray is also the faculty adviser "the Feminist Collective on campus, which is a student organization open to any student interested in equality, social activism, and/or feminist networking. I work regularly with Undergraduate Research students conducting ethnographic, community-based, and/or activist-based research."

Was her thievery part of a lesson on "activism?"

Pete's Prep Sheet - Oct. 8, 2018

Mountain Xpress has a story on the Asheville City Council budget workshop. The Council should be applauded for launching these workshops, that drill down on specific departments and projects inside the budget. It makes for more-informed Council members and citizens.

MX also covered a League of Women's Voters debate in Leicester last week that only lasted 15 minutes. Why? Because no Republican candidates participated. Conservatives view the League as a progressive Democratic organization. The national LWV President getting arrested at anti-Brett Kavanaugh protests probably doesn't help disabuse them of that idea.

An Asheville man is looking at $1 million in fines for operating AirBnB rentals out of three units he owns. He says the City made his properties ill-suited for any other kind of use when it approved the development of Whole Foods next door.

Andrew McCarthy says the American Left is criminalizing political opposition, while rejecting limitations that legally constrain criminal investigations. By relying "counterintelligence and background investigations," the Left avoids the constraints of the criminal justice system that are meant to protect people from these kinds of unproven accusations.

Leftists stalked a FOX News host into a subway car and attempted to incite violence against him. It's becoming pretty clear that leftist leaders are increasingly inciting violence against their political opponents. Indeed, POLITICO ran a piece over the weekend about how Democrats think they need to be MORE ruthless. Republicans might wondering what's more ruthless than accusing a man of gang rape or shooting up a softball field full of GOP congressmen.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein says federal money will be used to clear a backlog of untested rape kits. Which is odd, because as A.P. Dillon reminds us, Governor Roy Cooper assured us that this was all taken care of while he was the Attorney General.

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