Political attacks are symptoms of our sick society

A loser who blames Democrats for his problems mails poorly-constructed makeshift bombs to a cartoonish hit list of prominent Democrats.

A loser who blames the Jews for his problems, murders 11 worshipers at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

One man loves President Trump.

The other man hates President Trump.

Both men were losers.

The acts and the public reactions indicate a deeply sick society.

The left and the media blamed President Trump.

President Trump blamed the media for sowing division.

The left is energized by every utterance and tweet from the President, mainly because they are out of power. They dismiss concerns about violent mobs and incivility.

When Barack Obama was President, the right that was very sensitive to his comments ("bitter clingers" and "get in their faces" and "punch back twice as hard").

Just as the left does today (and as it did during the George W. Bush administration), the right compiled its own list of grievances committed by the Democratic president.

Democrats never heard any of it. They still don't.

The left has accused the right of being racists, sexists, and haters of all kinds of people for as long as I can recall. People on the left don't seem to understand the weight of these smears.

Today, many Republicans don't hear the words of Trump as anything other than "telling it like it is" and "just joking around" and "hitting back twice as hard." When he praises a congressman's assault on a reporter, his supporters give him a pass.

We don't seem to understand how opponents hear our words. Or maybe we just refuse.

We don't want to be held to the same standard we demand of our opponents.

Nolan Finley's piece in the Detroit News was sobering:

For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction.

The left bullies, the right bullies back. They shout, we shout. And when it spins out of control, a left-wing wacko shoots up a Republican baseball practice and a right-wing nut mails out bombs to Democrats. 

Yes, this is who we are. And it's who we'll be long after Donald Trump is gone. He hasn't changed America; America's character has changed.

When Cesar Sayoc was arrested for mailing bombs to Democrats, it was easier for some to believe it was all a set-up.

A year after James Hodgkinson opened fire on dozens of GOP congressman on a softball field, it's easier for some to believe he wasn't a Bernie Sanders volunteer who screamed "This is for healthcare!"

Each side refuses to condemn the transgressions of their own. This is the path to more violence and societal ruin.

Pete's Prep: Monday, Oct. 29, 2018

  • Democrats on the Buncombe Board of County Commissioners want to spend $3.6 million in taxpayer funds on an early childhood education program initiative. They don't know where the money will come from, and it's not even the budget cycle yet. But the four Democrats intend to vote on the proposal tomorrow night. One week before the election.

  • Taking a break from promoting alternative transportation to save Gaia Earth, the City Asheville is now blocking alternative transportation modes in the downtown area. The City doesn't want those electric scooters to be running around, unless they get a cut of the money, so it went to court to force the company to remove its scooters from the streets.

  • Two NC cities are among the top destinations for millennials - Raleigh (#6) and Charlotte (#12). The two tar heel state cities are the only two listed by Magnify Money's top America "boom towns" for millennials. The others were San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Nashville, San Jose, Portland, Seattle, Oklahoma City, and Dallas. 
  • Twitter is deleting the "Like" button, because the leaders think this will improve conversations on their platform. Meanwhile, raging anti-semite Louis Farrakhan continues to tweet anti-Jew stuff.

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