6-1 Democrat majority is an independent judiciary

I might be showing my age here, but I'm old enough to remember when leftist activists, Democrats, and media were adamantly trying to convince me - along with all North Carolina voters - that all they wanted was "nonpartisan courts" and "an independent judiciary."

It seems like a lifetime ago, I know! (It was November.)

For folks who weren't alive back in those days, this effort was part of another public campaign against district maps that were drawn by the North Carolina General Assembly - which was run by the Republican Party. 

Not only were these Republicans totally opposed to "nonpartisan courts" and "an independent judiciary," but they drew districts to ensure they'd win virtually every seat in the state legislature AND the Congress.

This led to calls for "fair maps" and "independent redistricting."

North Carolinians were told that Republicans holding 10 of the 13 Congressional seats was not fair because more people were registered Democrats and had voted for Democrats statewide.

It was such a compelling case with such a concerted push from powerful interests that it helped "break the super-majority" in the General Assembly.

All of this is ancient history, obviously. Because now folks seem very excited about the Democratic Governor being able to appoint another Democrat to the NC Supreme Court... to shift it "further to the left."

The chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court announced his  plans Friday to retire next month, paving the way for a 6-1 Democratic  majority on the state‚Äôs highest court.

Mark Martin is the  longest-serving justice now on the court, having first been elected in  1999. According to a press release from the North Carolina Judicial  Branch, he is leaving to become the dean of the law school at Regent  University, a Christian school in Virginia. 

When the GOP drew lines to ensure 10 of 13 Congressional seats it was an outrage and undermined the very foundation of our democracy. But a 6-1 Democrat majority on the Supreme Court -- with 3 of those seats changing parties under shady circumstances -- is of no concern.

It's simply an anodyne "shift further left."

As I said all those years ago... when Democrats say they want an independent judiciary, what they mean is a judiciary packed with Democrats.

Pete's Prep: Monday, Jan. 28, 2019

  • The Editorial Board at the Charlotte Observer would very much like... if possible... if it's not too much trouble... and it's probably nothing... but maybe if the Governor's office gets around to it... could we get answers from his administration about whether they ran a pay-to-play scheme involving the Atlantic Coast Pipeline permit approvals and the creation of a $58 million slush fund. Pretty please!
  • A Duke University official got demoted for asking Chinese students to speak English when they are in educational buildings. Meanwhile, Tom Brokaw apologized for suggesting immigrant assimilation might ease conflicts.
  • Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) has been moved to hospice care, and his family is asking for prayers.
  • The daughter of former NC Governor Jim Hunt spent almost $89 for every vote she received in her bid for NC General Assembly. By comparison, Longleaf Politics reports, Gov. Roy Cooper spent $9 per vote.
  • Asheville City Council is trying to figure out how to police nuisance noise, without penalizing people very much.
  • A massive housing development proposed in Hendersonville is getting opposition from neighbors... who just moved into their new housing development across the street.
  • From the News & Observer: "Rural needs urban, and urban needs rural."

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