NC Democrats propose NY-style abortion law

You've probably heard about the radical abortion law passed in New York.

Here was the scene when Democrats finally got their wish - to finally be able to kill babies up until the moment of birth. The infant can be heading down the birth canal, and there's still time to poison it. And if you try to kill the kid but don't succeed, you're now allowed to let it die.

When the law won passage, Democrats rejoiced.


(Side note: Good luck trying to find this video. Searches don't yield any results.)

Democratic lawmakers in Virginia want to hold their own celebration of death, and are proposing similar legislation.

Not to miss out on the Moloch -influenced fiesta, North Carolina Democrats are following suit.

It won't surprise you to find two Asheville lawmakers are sponsoring it.

You should read this entire piece from Brooke Medina at the NC Civitas Institute :

A number of state senators and representatives have made it clear that abortions past twenty weeks— the gestational age doctors can presently confirm babies feel pain —should be legal.
The most egregious aspect of S.B. 588,  sponsored by Chaudhuri, Van Duyn, and Bryant and H.B. 563 , sponsored by Fisher, Cunningham, Meyer, and B. Richardson, both presented this past April, was their lift on the twenty-week abortion ban, virtually eliminating all state abortion restrictions , including late-term D&E procedures.
If you’re unfamiliar with a D&E abortion , it involves dismembering the baby’s appendages and midsection and later crushing his or her skull while using a suction device to remove the brain. The dismembered and crushed baby, referred to as “pregnancy tissue” in this Planned Parenthood description, is then put back together so the abortionist can ensure he or she completed a successful abortion.

To be clear, this is evil. It's also wildly unpopular - even among pro-choice people.

It's also obvious that Democrats and their allies in the political press are uninterested or unable to examine the ethical implications of this barbarity.

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