Abortion law push gives us a look behind the mask

Yesterday on the show a woman asked why we're seeing radical abortion legislation all of a sudden. And because I try to give folks the benefit of the doubt, I said it's probably just because Democrats have won control of legislative bodies and are interested in advancing preferred legislation.

The caller thought it was something more coordinated.

Maybe she was right.

Here's Ramesh Ponnuru in the National Review :

The Democratic party has, with fewer and fewer exceptions, placed itself firmly behind the proposition that the Supreme Court should not retreat an inch from its protection of abortion. Democrats who take this stance are by implication supporting a policy of legal abortion at any stage of pregnancy. Only a small percentage of Americans — 14 percent of respondents in a 2012 Gallup/USA Today poll — takes that view . But most people are unaware of how expansive the Court’s rulings have been, which lowers the political cost for politicians who take this view. (For that matter, some of those politicians must be ignorant of this point as well.)
Supporters of the country’s expansive abortion regime now fear that the Supreme Court will retreat from it, either by declaring that the Constitution permits states to protect unborn children in general or by letting them offer more protection. That’s why they are pushing legislation in the states to codify that regime. It is an effort that is forcing supporters of abortion to be a little more candid about what they really want: an extreme regime that denies any meaningful protection to unborn children and threatens the protection for born ones.

How did the media cover the abortion story?

Well... they basically didn't . Even though one of the co-sponsors of the Virginia bill apologized for supporting the bill . She said she didn't read it.

WWNC's corporate digital news creators at iHeartMedia didn't do a single story on the VA Governor's comments. This is odd, considering how the video went viral, and usually when there's a video that's viral, the iHM team is all over it.

So, here's that video:


We saw legislation like this in North Carolina in the last legislative long session. Do NC Democrats support aborting an infant in the birth canal? Isn't this an important policy issue, considering the New York and Virginia efforts?

Maybe some intrepid reporter will ask.

Pete's Prep: Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019

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