Social justice is neither justice nor progress

If you've been thinking that our politics and culture has gone insane, you might be right.

It's the culmination of decades of social justice education and "grievance studies" now manifesting itself in all aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, it's impossible to navigate this great new society, because the rules are built on logical and unethical quicksand.

Noah Rothman's new book " Unjust: Social Justice and The Unmaking of America " examines how this philosophy "compels its believers to treat individuals unequally in the name of equality."

Social justice is identity politics in practice, which has come to reject objectivity and colorblindness. It instructs adherents to see society as an unnavigable matrix of overlapping persecutions and reject meritocracy as an unattainable myth, sapping them of agency and robbing them of individuality. And when the political system fails to meet these unrealistic expectations, it leads its devotees to lash out.

You can see evidence of this in the seeming inability to distinguish right from wrong (like the anti-Semitism of Women's March leaders)...

While a legitimate theory for understanding prejudice, intersectionality has transformed its adherents into blinkered paranoiacs. It has driven the Women’s March organizers to embrace noxious elements like the cop killer Assata Shakur and the anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. To abandon them would suggest devotees hold the same prejudices against which they claim to struggle.

... to the seemingly-insane reactions to virtually everything (like the Covington Catholic story)...


You can read more from Noah Rothman about this topic here .

Pete's Prep: Monday, Feb. 4, 2019

  • North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper's radical appointment draws criticism from... the Charlotte Observer Editorial Board?!
  • From the Carolina Journal : NC should not issue more debt, according to a government advisory panel.
  • The Lt. Gov. of Virginia is threatening legal action against a conservative website for reporting sexual assault allegations against him.
  • NY Post columnist : The left has decided that wealth is evil.
  • An "art" exhibit in Washington, DC features an Ivanka Turmp lookalike vacuuming, and people are encouraged to throw crumbs at her.

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