The anti-Jew caucus is strong in the Democratic Congress

House Democrats couldn't muster enough votes to approve a resolution condemning the anti-Semite Congresswoman from Minnesota.

They couldn't even get enough votes to simply and discretely condemn anti-Semitism.

So pervasive is the anti-Jewish sentiment inside the Democratic Party ranks, that they had to make the resolution a catch-all "anti-hate" resolution.


This has exposed exactly how widespread the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic strain is inside the left.

It shouldn't be a surprise to people who have been paying attention, though:


This is who they are.

And the old guard Democrats in the House are still using an old playbook.


Allahpundit at has a great write-up on this. He says Democrats seem unwilling to admit that their base (or at least a very substantial part of it) hates Israel:

They’re not going to support punishing a progressive who plays rough with supporters of the Jewish state, even if “playing rough” in this case means old smears about dual loyalty. They want more political space to attack Israel’s advocates, not less. If that means protecting anti-semites then that’s what it means.

But, hey... at least we know that Democrats oppose hate.


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