I don't have to endorse Tucker Carlson to agree with him

These two things can be true at the same time:

  1. FOX News host Tucker Carlson offered commentary that reasonable people can object to
  2. Leftists are attempting to remove conservative voices from the public square

I refuse to defend Carlson's commentary, because I find it needlessly offensive, crass, boorish, and immature. It has definitely impacted my view of who Carlson is, but that says more about my ignorance of Carlson than anything else.

But nobody is actually outraged by what he said.

As I said on my show yesterday - leftists don't really care about the language Carlson used or the jokes he made. These are people who churn out movies, songs, TV shows, games, and all sorts of other art and entertainment that could most charitably be described as indecent. So, no -- I don't believe they are heading to the fainting couches over these clips. They are not offended.

They want US to be.

David French sums it up well:

And let’s be clear, Tucker’s words aren’t “hurtful” or “offensive” in the truest sense. At the time, they passed through the media ether without notice or comment. There were no outraged victims seeking redress. Nobody was crying sincere tears on camera because of the bad things a (then) MSNBC contributor said about them. And no one is really hurt today either. Instead, the atmosphere is one of vengeful glee.We got him now.

We might be seeing a shift in the cultural response to the constantly-spinning Wheel of Perpetual Outrage - brought on by leftists' over-reliance and over-saturation of this standard social media Salem Witchification tactic. In years past (like when Carlson was working for MSNBC), he might have been fired over this.


Maybe not.

It appears a lot of folks on the right are done apologizing simply for the sake of apologizing. In his commentary last night on his show, Carlson may have minimized his initial offenses, but he absolutely nailed the left on their tactics - and why the rules of the game are no longer operable:


Carlson laid bare the deceit at the heart of the concern-trolling leftist outrage machine:

"There is one thing you can never do. There is one thing that is absolutely not allowed. You can never acknowledge the comic absurdity of the whole thing. You can never laugh in the face of the mob. You must always pretend that the people yelling at you are somehow your moral superiors. You have to assume that what they SAY they're mad about is what they're ACTUALLY mad about. You must take them at face value. You must pretend that this is a debate about virtue - and not about power."

I tell leftists this regularly - they do not automatically occupy a morally superior position simply because they're leftists. Pretending to be outraged no longer carries purchase, because we all know they're truly outraged. They're just leveraging for power.

I don't have to endorse Carlson's "shock jock shtick" from a decade ago to understand how - and why - it's now being used today.



Media Matters is absolute garbage.

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