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NC teachers union adopts communist logo for May Day strike

These are clarifying times.

For years, the North Carolina Association of Educators has pretended it's not a union, when it essentially is.

And for years, the NCAE has pretended it's not run by leftists seeking more government control of the education of children.

But the upcoming May 1st demonstration leaves little doubt who is running that organization.

A leftist on Twitter tried to argue that this wasn't part of anything official from the NCAE.

So, I searched for images of the logo being used by NCAE.

It took only a few minutes.

So, to recap: The NC Association of Educators is using a radical leftist & communist logo to promote it's strike - which is scheduled for May First.

Which is also called "May Day."

Which is a holiday celebrated by socialists around the world - most famously in the old Soviet Russia.

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