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NC Democrats essentially argue that abortionists are perfect

The proposed law would have required North Carolina medical professionals to provide care to a baby that survives an abortion. The bill had bipartisan support.

Democratic Governor Roy Cooper vetoed the bill. The Senate overrode it. The House tried yesterday, but could not get enough Democrats to support the bill.

There's really no point in addressing the political posturing on the bill - as opponents simply regurgitated talking points constructed and promulgated by the abortion industry. It was, after all, not an abortion bill at all. A lot of silly, ignorant, and dishonest people argued it was. But it was not.

At the heart of the Democrats' position is an unchallenged assumption that abortion providers have a 100% success rate.

Notice how not a single self-appointed "fact checker" has bothered to examine this - or perhaps they don't understand that this is what's actually being argued. And make no mistake, that IS the faulty premise upon which the Democrats' position is built.

If abortion providers DON'T have a 100% success rate, then it means there MUST be incidents where the babies are actually born. And if there ARE such incidents, then the question is whether those survivors should be treated as if they were wanted in the first place. The abortion industry does not want to reach this critical point in the discussion, because it clarifies the matter.

If the providers are present - and paid - to ensure the baby dies, what do you think happens when the procedure fails and the baby is born? Do you think the abortion clinic tries to save the baby? Do they apologize for failing, refund the patient's payment, and hand the woman the baby she didn't want? Do they facilitate an adoption?

This is why the mandatory reporting requirement was part of the law - to ensure that the abortion providers in the room would be legally required to report if care was not provided. And THAT'S what the abortion industry and their allies in the Democratic Party and the media wanted to prevent. It's why they argued that doctors would be "intimidated." After all, if 100% of abortions are successful, there is no way to intimidate the doctor.

But we all know that it defies common sense to believe abortionists have a 100% success rate.

But, hey, maybe they do.

Maybe abortionists have ascended beyond the practice of medicine... and achieved perfection.

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