"I am a professor!" Leftist picks fight with the wrong American flag-wavers

A self-proclaimed professor harassed the wrong crowd on Veterans Day in Portland, Oregon. The harassment escalated to physical violence, and the professor soon found herself pinned to the ground by MMA fighter Tara LaRosa.

From Elizabeth Vaughn at RedState.com:

A group of Proud Boys held a peaceful Veteran’s Day flag wave rally on an overpass of Highway 84 in Portland, OR on Sunday. Suddenly, an anti-Trump female professor walked up to a female in the group and began to insult her. The yelling quickly escalated into a physical altercation. Fellow rally participant Tara LaRosa, an MMA world champion, had been live streaming the event when the assault began. She is heard saying, “What’s up everybody. We’re live in Portland at the flag wave!”
LaRosa’s smile quickly turns into concern at she notices the two women. “Hey.” Reminiscent of Charles Bronson’s character in the 1970s movie, Mr. Majestyk, in which the people who mess with him don’t realize he’s a former Army Ranger School drill sergeant until it’s too late, LaRosa springs into action. In about a nano-second, she broke up the fight, pinned the professor to the ground in a non-life threatening Jujitsu hold and yelled for someone to call the police. Angry and agitated, the professor bit LaRosa’s breast leaving an open wound.

A lot of folks are sharing the video and mocking the professor for getting her comeuppance (although it seems like LaRosa was the one actually physically injured). But I find the video disturbing for two reasons.

First, if you listen to the pinned professor's explanation of why she felt compelled to harass strangers waving flags on Veterans Day, she's afflicted with some sort of martyr or savior complex.

"Sitting down, she says, “I was on my way home from brunch with my friends…There’s people on the corner antagonizing the city I live in, work in…”
The professor says, “This has been my whole life. I’ve always had to be the person to show…to try…you don’t know what Donald Trump is, I don’t agree with Trump.” We noticed.

What kind of a delusional maniac picks a fight with strangers over President Donald Trump? This woman is not mentally well.

Second, unless it's part of her delusion, this woman is a professor! Someone with this kind of mental instability should not be given such power over others. If this is how she behaves towards a crowd of strangers, how does she treat her students who might be pro-Trump?

WARNING: Language


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