NC teachers (non)union doesn't want anyone to know how many members it has

North Carolina State Auditor Beth Wood tried to provide a membership count of the NC Association of Educators. The Democrat issued a report - despite being unable to complete her work.

Auditor Wood's report says the teachers union (but don't call it a union) refused to give her a membership count.

The State Auditor’s Office does not have the authority to compel employees’ associations (private entities) to provide this type of information. For instance, the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) refused to furnish the information based on the premise of lack of authority.

But because the dues are automatically deducted from state employee paychecks, the Auditor was able to determine how many teachers pay dues.

Here's the chart:

There very well might be more than 5,391 members of the NCAE. However, there are only 5,391 teachers having the dues deducted from their paychecks.

State Sen. Ralph Hise issued a press release and argued that the public must be left to conclude that the 5,391 count is correct. He said this is only about 5% of all teachers in North Carolina.

"The NCAE, which represents just 5% of teachers, is fighting tooth and nail to keep the other 95% of teachers from getting a pay raise. It's just not right. What kind of an advocacy organization tells it members that a 0% raise is better than a 3.9% raise?"
Republican legislators this month passed a 3.9% pay raise for teachers. Over the last five years, teacher pay has increased by more than 20%, which is the third-highest rate in the entire country.

It's instructive that the NCAE refuses to divulge its membership count. After all, the NEA proudly discloses it has 3 million members, and the NCAE is an affiliate of the NEA.

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