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No, military cadets were not flashing white supremacy signs... you idiots

In case you hadn't heard by now, leftists and their media enablers are freaking out about 'The Circle Game.' Of course, these folks truly and deeply believe the popular hand gesture is a gang sign for white supremacy - despite all evidence to the contrary.

Here's a perfect illustration of the hysteria. The TV reporter promises to "break it down for you - after talking to an expert."

What is not mentioned in this news story is 'The Circle Game.' Maybe the reporter never played this game as a teen or young adult. Maybe she never saw any of her friends play it. Maybe she is more familiar with the "Punch Buggy" (a/k/a "Slug Bug") game.

The cadets are obviously playing 'The Circle Game.' I know this because I am an expert on 'The Circle Game.' I played it for several years when I was the age of these cadets.

Proof is at the 32-second mark of the video when a cadet looks to his right, sees the circle, and quickly averts his eyes.

Later, at the 2:19 mark, you can see him trying to suppress a smile as he struggles to restrain himself from looking.

Unfortunately for the cadet, we all saw him look at the circle - which means the guy making the hand symbol gets to punch him in the arm.

Which is the whole point of 'The Circle Game.'

Here is an explanation of the rules - courtesy of the old TV show Malcolm in the Middle:


But to our betters in the media - woefully ignorant of the things they tell us are true - it's simply and obviously racism.

How did this happen? Internet trolls and the left's insane need to see white supremacy in everything. The 4chan trolls were so effective in spreading their made-up lies about the OK hand gesture that "anti-hate" groups - as well as the tiny population of actual white supremacists - were able to agree that the symbols is totally about white power, and not simply OK or The Circle Game.

From Mashable:

In February 2017, 4chan users started the hoax "Operation O-KKK," a call to spread the sign around the internet and claim it as a symbol of white supremacy. The anonymous 4channer who started it added a graphic demonstrating how the gesture could spell out the letters WP for "white power." The same month, Media Matters for America accused Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft, who made the gesture in a photograph in the White House press briefing room, of using a "hate symbol." 
"Leftists have dug so deep down in their lunacy, we must force [them] to dig more," the 4channer wrote in their post. "Until the rest of society ain't going anywhere near that shit." 

So congratulations everybody. Stellar work. Really.

Also, in the rush to smear cadets as white supremacists, it appears our media has learned nothing from the Covington Catholic scandal.

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