Julian Castro Celebrates National Period Day

RUSH: I have a tweet here from Democrat presidential candidate Julian Castro. Let me read to you this tweet. This is Julian Castro, twin brother of Joaquin Castro. They both are the sons of Democrat rabid activist in San Antonio, Rosie Castro. These kids in the womb learned how to carry protest signs, in the womb. They were born with Molotov cocktails in their hands.

"Every day, people are forced to choose" -- ready for this, folks? I swear you're gonna think I'm making this up. "Every day, people are forced to choose between going to school or work, or staying home because they can’t afford the menstrual products they need. Pads, tampons and cups should be available tax-free, across the nation.”

So we've gone to women at Columbia University needing $,1500 worth of contraception every month to now Julian Castro saying that people are stressed out to the point they can't choose to go to work because they have to stay home because they can't afford tampons! They can't afford pads. They can't afford cups. And, therefore, pads, tampons, and cups should be available tax-free across the nation.

You know what the hashtag is? #NationalPeriodDay. Dawn, did you know there was a National Period Day? How would you celebrate National Period Day? How can men participate in National Period Day? I guess we advocate for free tampons, government-paid tampons, government-paid pads, government-paid cups. I mean, who knew that people were missing work because they couldn't afford tampons. Did you know this?

(interruption) You don't know what cups are for women? Well, you’re the women's expert on this staff and you don't know what cups are for women? You gotta think transgender, I think, if you're gonna think cups for women. I'm guessing. Hell, I don't know, either. All I know is that I learned something today, that there are women cowering in the corners at home afraid to go to work because they don't have government-paid-for-tampons.


RUSH: Okay, guys. During the brief, obscene profit time-out there, I figured out how we guys can participate in National Period Day. It's very simple. Just go with the flow. That's all it takes, and you'll be seen as sensitive and caring, concerned, and understanding. Just go with the flow.

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