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Shoplifting Frenzy Across Biden’s America

Videos of shoplifting in stores all across America are going viral.

Individuals are loading up with as much as they can carry and casually, in broad daylight, walking out of stores, and here’s why: They know that because law enforcement is under the microscope of the BLM movement and critical race theory, shoplifters aren’t being prosecuted. In some cases, retail chains are telling their employees not to bother calling the police.

It’s the reverse of the broken windows theory that cleaned up big city crime in the 1990s, but has been abandoned by the liberals who run America’s Democrat-controlled cities.

As Buck said, “This is the lawlessness you get from the social justice first, left-wing narrative of the law doesn’t count, everything has to be seen through a lens of intersectionality and historical oppression and all the rest of it. It’s madness.”

Clay, who has experience working in retail himself, says a friend of his who works at Nordstrom reports this is happening in high-end Nashville stores near where he lives as well. “People will walk in there, not even disguise what they are doing and even will tell security guards, ‘Hey, get outta my way.'”

Not surprisingly, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has weighed in, defending the shoplifters, saying – a la the dramatics in Les Miserables – most are probably in dire need of food. Whereas Buck argued that’s hard to believe when our own eyes show us “intelligent” criminals loaded up with Gucci bags and Nike shoes.

C&B opened up the phone lines to hear from retail workers and law enforcement officers who are dealing with this scary and dangerous trend all over the country.

Hear Clay & Buck Talk to Frontline Workers in America’s Shoplifting Epidemic:

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