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Kamala Loses Her Temper in Today Show Train Wreck

BUCK: I’d like to pose the question to people right now, “If you have to pick one to be commander-in-chief tomorrow if a major war breaks out between Russia and Ukraine — and who knows? It could suck in one of our NATO allies, even, or something…?” Let’s just say some things got out of hand, out of control. Who would you want to be in charge, Joe Biden or Kamala Harris? It is a tough call, friends. I know you’re saying, “Buck, talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place. You gotta be kidding me. That’s not a fair choice to make.”

But that is the choice that the American people could be faced with at some point, especially if Joe Biden’s considering stepping down for reasons of health or whatever, although I think he is going to finish out his entire first term. I think he is gonna run again too. I do believe that that is his plan. I also think that when you’re almost 80 years old, you don’t know what the future brings.

But I think he is planning on that. But nonetheless, Kamala Harris was on the Today show over NBC. It is still amazing to me how many people watch the warmed-over Democrat propaganda. It’s the Democrat pablum in places like CBS and NBC and ABC News. They just do it with a little more panache. It’s a little more splashy graphics and make it seem like it’s slightly less partisan, I suppose, than what you get at CNN and MSNBC.

But she’s on the Today Show, and the big question that came up today was — ’cause Democrats make this whole stink over Republicans not accepting election results, right? They say, “Oh, it led to the insurrection,” and all this stuff. That’s what they’ll tell you — and, of course, they pretend that we can’t remember that they did not accept the results of the 2016 election. In fact, they concocted a preposterous and monstrous lie about Russia collusion. “Russia!”

All the stuff that was being said about this, it never made any sense. I’ll never forget what then-President Trump told me in the Oval Office talking about this. This was back in maybe 2018 or 2019, and he said to me, “It’s not even a…” He used more colorful language than I could on the radio. He said, “It’s not even a [blank]ing good idea. This wouldn’t even work! Work with the Russians to steal election and the Russians would have leverage over you while you’re president? It’s crazy! It’s crazy.”

This was something that if you were trying to write a spy novel, they’d say, “Oh, that’s too unrealistic. Our FBI — and it’s a mixture at the top level of Democrat partisans and dumbasses — went along with this, of course, which is stunning. James Sancti-comey, as I call him, went along with all this stuff, but the whole point was that it gave him a story that let them psychologically — and then take action based on it, psychologically — convince themselves that the election of Donald Trump was illegitimate in 2016, which is just nuts.

It’s just nuts. But Vice President Harris now has to address the fact that just yesterday, Joe Biden, when he’s addressing the nation… He’s got his two-hour long press conference. (impression) “Hey, hey! Speak clearly, if you’re gonna ask me a question! You gotta speak clearly, ’cause I’m gonna sit here, and I’m gonna look at you and I’m gonna say, ‘You know, seven chipmunks sitting on a branch eating a lot of acorns on my uncle’s ranch.'”

You say, “What?” “Yeah, that’s right!” That’s Joe Biden for you. Here is Vice President Harris trying to clean up Joe Biden’s mess because he said that if they don’t get the voting rights bill through, it’s probably an illegitimate election. Here’s Vice President Harris on the NBC Today show. I guess they weren’t talking about the zestiest salads for wintertime or whatever. Now they’re doing hard news. Play 21.

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: Is he really concerned that we may not have fair and free elections?

HARRIS: The president has been consistent on this issue, and the issue at hand — the issue — I was there last night, uh, in the chamber of the Senate. And the issue is that there are two bills, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the Freedom to Vote Act that have been the solution that has been offered to address the fact that around our country, states have put in place laws that are purposely making it more difficult for the person people to vote — laws that will be felt by at least 55 million Americans, regardless of their party affiliation, their race, their gender, or their geographic location.

BUCK: Laws that will make it harder for people to cheat. It is not hard to vote in this country. And in fact, in most states, it has literally never been easier to vote in this country. And what you hear from Democrats is that we are in Jim Crow 2.0. Also note — this is a tell — whenever a Democrats responds to a member of the press with, “We’ve been” or “Joe Biden’s been” or “I’ve been consistent on this issue,” that’s their way of saying, “Stop asking me this!

“Don’t ask me this question. Ask me fluff questions. Don’t ask me anything real. You’re on my team. I call the shots.” You’re just waiting for Kamala or Joe to finally slip one day and say, “Hey, journo! You work for me. Don’t you know how this game is played?” Ah, Savannah Guthrie, though, having a moment ’cause we got an unpopular president, so this is how the game is played so you all understand.

The journos, when a president is embattled, have to do a little bit of a dance where they act like, “Oooh, well, we’re fair-minded. So we’ll ask you one or two things about how things aren’t going so well,” and then they’ll ruthlessly attack any real critics of the administration to make sure that they don’t gain any headway, that they don’t actually convince any persons. So they present it. They present the question. They don’t actually push the question.

There’s a difference. But here’s Savannah Guthrie over there on NBC saying the administration maybe went a little too far. Here’s the way she says it, and then I’ll rephrase it as if she were like actually trying to get a serious answer. “Did the administration fail to temper its initiative…?” So that’s… Could we be more euphemistic and gentle here in saying, “Why did you go psycho-left lib when you promised you were gonna unite the country?” That would be the real question.

Here’s how she says it though play 22.

GUTHRIE: Did the administration fail to temper it’s initiatives to meet political reality? In other words, should you have been more willing to compromise to try to get (pause) all Democrats on board? These initiatives have failed because Democrats were not united let alone Republicans. Is that an error, as you look back on this here?

HARRIS: Well, when I look back on this year, I think about things like the bipartisan infrastructure law. Um, administrations, both Democrat and Republican, have tried for years —

GUTHRIE: Well, doesn’t that show Republicans —

HARRIS: (sputtering) — to — to — to do — to do — Let me —

GUTHRIE: — were willing to help if the initiatives work?

HARRIS: Please let me finish. They — they tried for years to do what the American people want, and what the American people know is not an issue that should be thought of through a political lens.

BUCK: No, it’s all thought of through a political lens of course and she knows that — and that’s all she ever thinks about anything through. And the political lens of, “What will best help Kamala Harris?” That is the lens through which she sees everything. Right? But notice that Guthrie here points out the obvious, which is, “Well, you’re saying that Republicans are intransigent.” They’ll use phrases like, “The Senate is not working.”

No, the Senate’s working just fine. It’s a 50-50 Senate! There’s no mandate for massive, sweeping legislation. The Democrats received no mandate in the pandemic for change. And, if anything, what we’ve seen since the Biden regime took power is the more the American people see of it, the more appalled they are at its ineptitude and the foundational lies that it told to get into power in the first place — namely, that they’re gonna unite the country.

Not what happened. Wasn’t their intent. They just said it. It was a swindle. But Savannah Guthrie even says, “Well, if Republicans will vote with you on infrastructure, clearly there are things that they are willing to do for the benefit of the American people or at least that are popular with the American people. So doesn’t that mean that maybe Democrats should recalibrate the agenda?

“Doesn’t that mean that there are aspects of the Build Back Better bill that are simply not super popular across party lines, and you should stop pretending that they are?” No. Kamala would rather just stick to the talking points. She’s a person who is just — in all aspects of the job so far — so deeply unimpressive, and none of it is even a little bit surprising. But she was pressed on Ukraine.

Wouldn’t it be so great, Biden coming on this show having Clay and me go back and forth with him? Kamala on this show? It’d be such… That’s the way it should be. I really do think that we miss something in our political culture now where people will not go into unfriendly territory, you know? I will! I’ve gone Bill Maher show a bunch of times and I’ll throw down, whatever. They just won’t have you. I would go on; I would fight.

But it’s only with the anchors. I’m not doing the thing at CNN where they have an analyst on and the anchor and then it’s a two-on-one. No, no, no. I’ll go on. I’ll represent a point of view, and they can send Cooper or Lemon or Tapper after me, and we could have that debate in real time on air live. Let’s see how that goes for them.

Never happens anymore — and Kamala, of course, won’t come on the show. Fauci won’t even come on this show! It’s the biggest radio show in America, Fauci won’t even show up. “I don’t know. I got too many podcasts with hundreds of listeners out there. But their lib hosts who I know worship me so it’s a safe space.”


SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: Ukrainian officials reportedly heard these words from President Biden with alarm. I know the White House tried to clarify it and clean it up afterwards, but was the damage done? You can’t unring the bell. Is Vladimir Putin likely to listen to a later statement from the White House press secretary or the words of President Biden?

HARRIS: I will repeat myself — and I’m vice president of the United States — and the president and I work closely together, and I know his position because he has been consistent in that regard. If Vladimir Putin and Russia takes aggressive action, it will be met with a cost that will be severe.

BUCK: I don’t think he’s terrified. Welcome back to the Clay and Buck show. A lot of focus from the press corps on Ukraine and Russia. I think at some level I understand anything is good for the Biden regime that isn’t the economy, the border, inflation, crime in U.S. cities, anything else. Get the focus of the people on something far, far away and one in which you can have people that are looking up, “What’s the capital of Ukraine?” just about five minutes before they go on air.

Let me tell you: As a newly minted Ukraine expert, there will be a lot of that going on. But, yeah, I don’t think that the Biden-Harris team has got Putin thinking long and hard about his opening statements. In fact, if anything, I believe in part this aggression against Ukraine is driven by the fact that he knows he can outplay the Biden-Harris team with ease. That’s what I really think is going on here. That’s what I think is at least a part.

I don’t like to overplay it, but I think that is a part of the consideration of what’s happening here. Just one other thing. Even some Democrats — ’cause this comes up. Even some Democrats are starting to realize, “This guy, Joe Biden, is really too old for this.” It comes across, and even if he’s not speaking in a way that is immediately indicative of, say, dementia — which people bring up on a regular basis — just remember, they said all kinds of stuff about Donald Trump.

They said Donald Trump was crazy; they talked about the 25th Amendment. This was a regular topic of conversation. In fact, the lib media would sometimes go with a psychiatrist on TV, a Blue Check MD, to diagnose — to diagnose Donald Trump from afar. So this is what they were doing then. I don’t… Well, we do understand, of course, why they won’t do it now.

It’s not about principle; that’s for sure. Van Jones — who is a man of the left, firmly on the left side of the political spectrum — even he had to say that some of what Biden was saying in his press conference was a little… Now, he’s gonna take a cheap shot at Reagan so get ready for that but, of course, here’s what he said. Play 20.

JONES: I think that part of the reason that answer stood out so much is because some of the other answers were kind of foggy in the end. I think we just have to be honest that you can be (sputtering) a foggy, meandering president — say, like Reagan near the end — if you’re winning. But if you’re foggy and meandering on key questions and you’re also not winning, then you’ve got a real problem. And so I think the real problem that you have is the numbers that are out there that are bad, but this party’s gotta come together and start putting some wins on the board for this president. They either gotta start — they gotta either hang together or they’re gonna hang separately in the fall.

BUCK: Mmm-hmm. Interesting. They’re realizing they got a real problem here. And you know what would be great is instead of Democrats figuring out a way to align the propaganda so they can keep pushing for the same failed policies, the same bad decisions, but just fool enough of the American voters — unfortunately, like they did in the 2020 election the first place — that they can keep going with all this. Why not say, “Maybe it’s time to rethink some of this”?

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