Super Bowl LI's Best (?) Prop Bets

Everyone knows that over the years, the things you could bet on for huge events, like the Super Bowl, has gotten weirder and weirder. Here are the best/most outrageous bets you make this year:

How many times will “DeflateGate” be mentioned – Over\Under 1.5

     Definitely bet the over here. It may get mentioned at least twice before a team scores.

Who scores the most points Sunday?    Patriots (-140)    Russell Westbrook (EVEN)

     I wouldn't be against Russell Westbrook, even if you think the Pats will score 40. 

Higher total for Sunday... Steph Curry’s Points and Assists (-2.5)   Combined Halftime Score

     Again, I wouldn't bet against Curry. His last three games in points and assists: 40, 47, 49. That's a high scoring half of football. 

Will a fullback score for either team? Patrick DiMarco - 30/1, James Develin - 55/1

     Both teams use their fullbacks at times, my money would be on DiMarco, seeing as how Develin hasn't scored  yet this year and Atlanta uses Patrick more in the passing game than New England uses James. 

How many times will the Falcons be called “Dirty Birds” - Over/Under 2.5 

     I'm taking the over... way over. Especially so, after Julio does the dance after a TD.

What will be the pattern of Joe Buck’s tie?  Solid - 9/8, Stripes - 3/2, Polka-Dots - 12/1, Other - 14/1

     Joe Buck keeps it simple (boring). He'll go solid, I'm certain. 

If a fan throws something on the field, it will be a.... flare - 15/1, deflated football - 19/1, sex toy - 45/1, dead falcon - 300/1

     The smart money would be on a deflated football, I think. However, a sex toy was thrown at a New England game earlier this year. 

What color hoodie will Bill Belichick be wearing? Blue - 4/11, Gray - 3/1, Red - 40/1, Other - 50/1

     I'm going blue. Would he lay down a bet on this and then wear black, just to screw with everybody? He's worn blue both games in these playoffs.

Total yardage of all TD plays – Over/Under 100.5

     Knowing both teams are very capable of big plays should have you considering the over. Julio Jones might have two TD catches totaling 100 alone. 

After the win, what color will the coach's Gatorade bath be? Clear/Water - 3/1, Orange - 3/1, Green - 3/1, Yellow - 3/1, Red - 6/1, Blue - 15/2, Purple - 12/1 

     I'm on the Patriots to win. In their other four Super Bowl victories the douse was blue two years ago, clear the time before that, and Belichick avoided the shower in the two prior. I'm saying Blue.

In the postgame speech, who will the MVP name drop first? God - 2/1, Team/teammates - 2/1, Coach  - 9/1, Family - 9/1, Owner - 9/1, Donald Trump - 20/1, None of those - 5/2   

     Always go God... unless it's Brady, then I pray he says Trump. The outrage will hit an all-time high!

Someone will catch on fire during the halftime show -  25/1

     Wait, what?

Who hosts Saturday Night Live following the game? Tom Brady - 1/19, Julio Jones - 25/1, Matt Ryan - 50/1, Bill Belichick - 5,000/1

     Please Bill, let's make this happen! If so, those times Peyton Manning hosted would instantly be topped. 

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