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  • A new report reveals the ten things you should never say to a flight attendant
  • Don’t ask them why your flight is delayed, to help you put your bag in the overhead bin or to watch your children
  • Also, it’s not smart to tell them to fetch you something, call them stewardess or tell them to smile

Being a flight attendant these days is certainly a thankless job considering how rude some passengers are when traveling. Yes, flight attendants are there to help travelers, but all too often flyers are too demanding and do all they can to make flight attendant's job a nightmare.

Well, if you don’t want to be one of those annoying passengers, a new report reveals the things you should never say to your flight attendant, and it turns out, a lot of us are probably are guilty of at least a few of these. 

Then things you should never say a flight attendant:

  • Why is the flight delayed? – They probably don’t know either and they definitely don’t know whether you’ll be able to make your connection. Plus, they are probably just as annoyed at the delay as you are.
  • Stewardess – They haven’t been called stewardesses in years. It’s sexist, so call them by their proper job title.
  • Can you lift this bag for me? – It’s not their job to help you get your bag in the overhead compartment. If you can’t lift it you should have packed less.
  • I’ll put my phone on airplane mode in a minute – When they say it’s time to turn off the phone, it’s time to turn off the phone, you’re nobody special.
  • Can you watch my kids for me? – They are flight attendants and their job is to keep passengers safe, not to be babysitters.
  • Fetch me – They are not your personal servants. If you’d like something from them don’t demand, ask nicely.
  • What sodas do you have? – They are usually listed in the in-flight magazine, don’t make them recite the drink list and hold up service for other people
  • Can I order more than two alcoholic drinks at a time? – They are certainly not going to make it easier for you to be a drunk, belligerent passenger.
  • I need to use the bathroom before take off - If the seatbelt light is on and you know you have to remain seated, it’s against regulations to use the bathroom so no amount of asking is going to get them to say yes.
  • They let me the last time I flew – Yeah, that’s not really going to impress a flight attendant. If they tell you to do something it’s because there are regulations that mandate it, so just listen
  • Smile – Seriously? You have no idea what kind of day they are having so it’s pretty rude to demand that they smile for you.

Source: The Daily Mail