Baby Raegan is doing great considering all she has been through. We at Clear Cahnnel Asheville had the great joy of meeting Raegan and her family late last week. She is an amazing blessing for her family and is a prime example of the great things that can be accomplished through more research into prematurity.

Here's the latest from her mommy...

Being home with Raegan has definitely been an adjustment. Though Raegan is almost a month old now, we are just now being able to be full time parents and having to rely on the training the nurses at the N-ICU gave us without having them for back up. Raegan sleeps most all the time right now, only waking for thirty minutes or so every time she eats which is every 3-4 hrs. Though we are at home, Raegan is still on a particular diet for "catch-up growth." She is getting fortified milk, which means she gets extra protein and calories added to her milk so that she can gain weight. The N-ICU gave us a paper upon discharge that outlined the minimum amounts of milk Raegan must eat each feeding, depending on how long it has been since she last ate, in order for her to gain weight. I am constantly counting the ounces she is taking in each day to make sure she is getting enough to gain weight. Though I wouldn't trade being at home, the one thing I miss about Raegan being at the N-ICU is the nightly weigh ins. At home I can't weigh her down to the ounce so I'm not able to see her daily progress when it comes to weight gain.

When we came home from the hospital we were instructed to not take Raegan anywhere until we were cleared by her pediatrician that she was okay to go out. We were told the limit the visitors we had so that Raegan not only wouldn't be exposed to a whole bunch of germs, but also so she wouldn't be over stimulated and she could to continue to rest like she did when she was at the hospital so she could grow. This was the most difficult because we had some many family and friends that have been waiting to see her, it was difficult explaining to them that even though she is home we had to limit visitations just like the hospital. I also had to keep reminding myself of this fact too because I couldn't wait to be able to show her off. I am so proud of her!

We went to her first appointment with Raegan's pediatrician. Her doctor said she is doing well, and we are to just keep doing what we are doing. She weighed 4lbs 7oz, she is still gaining at about the same rate as she was at the hospital. Though the doctor said we still need to be mindful of who we bring her around and be sure not to bring her around anyone who is sick, we are finally able to introduce her to everyone who has been waiting to meet her!