A recent op-ed from Donald Bryson, Deputy State Director for Americans for Prosperity, in the News & Observer made a compelling case for allowing the tax incentives for Hollywood movie makers to sunset as intended.

Last year, the Fiscal Research Division analyzed the economic impact of North Carolina’s film production tax credit program for 2011. The analysis concluded that the state awarded $30.3 million in film tax credits during that year, which resulted in 55 to 70 jobs and generated approximately $2 million in personal income.

The analysis concluded that an “across-the-board tax reduction of $30.3 million would have yielded between 370 and 450 new jobs and $14 million in personal income.”

It does not take a degree in economics to determine which of these scenarios creates a better economic outcome for North Carolina.

Not to mention, NC might already be getting beat by our neighbor Georgia in wooing filmmakers.

A guy named Michael J. Plumides, Jr. has a blog post about why he thinks the incentives might be scrapped.

The post, itself, is a first rate example of the kind of thinking that emanates from the fever swamps of the left. He claims a conspiracy by the Governor and Chik-Fil-A (seriously) to sabotage the NC film industry in order to send all the business to Georgia.

But he got pushback from a commenter who said Georgia has better infrastructure and production facilities. In a shocking development that should shock no one, Mr. Plumides apparently removed the offending post. He has, however, updated his post to include photos of a meeting with the Mayor of Charlotte who was impressed by his blog post!

Because - transparency, y'all.

But keep an eye out for this argument as NC lawmakers debate the extension of the film incentive program - that Gov. McCrory is sending all the films to Georgia because the owner of Chik Fil-A wants him to.