The utterly destitute City of Asheville is looking for some art to hang on a parking deck wall. A call to artists has gone out and I'm thinking I have a pretty good shot at winning the $25,000 grant.

One issue was a bit troubling, however. I noticed in the Request For Proposal sheet that the City of Asheville has embarked upon an oppressive course.

Pure disenfranchisement!

I cannot believe the City would attempt to marginalize and suppress artists by requiring proof of residency!

Luckily, I have an ID.

Given I am a member of the privileged class - posessing an ID - I will have no problem with proving who I am.

So, here is the blank canvas on the back of the Aloft Hotel:

I'm going to start with a circle in the upper left corner. This represents life. It also represents how we are all part of the same world. We're all connected. The circle will be red, so it also will represent how love surrounds everything. And we are love. Dig it.

Next, there will be a long vertical line attached from the left side (obviously!) of the circle dropping all the way down to the garage entry.  This represents the journey we all make in life. It is part of the surroundy-ness of love and the world. But it is also our path alone.

Then, I will paint a parallel vertical line to the right of the life line & love circle.

But this parallel line will have a branch that kicks off to the upper right corner. This represents the choices we all make in our lives. The choice to live in Asheville versus leaving for a higher-paying job in virtually any city.  The choice to park in that garage, or risk a tow job in a metered space.

Finally, I will draw another line connecting to that branch to represent how one choice leads to other choices.

Here's what it would look like:

I know!

Nailed it!