Seizing on a major issue ahead of the upcoming March primary, Asheville City Councilman Gordon Smith wants to have the Council declare the second Monday of October "Indigenous Peoples Day."

(It's already a federal holiday called Columbus Day. But it's become politically incorrect and  unacceptable for the USA to recognize the famous explorer.)

This is the kind of progressive and enlightened thinking Councilman Smith hopes to bring to the Buncombe County - should he win the Democratic primary for County Commission District One in two months.

From Smith's campaign announcement: “People in Asheville and throughout the nation have called on governments to recognize the culture, contributions, and history of Native Americans,” Smith said

He got coverage in the Citizen-Times for his bold initiative.

He got coverage at WLOS for his bold initiative.




It's the perfect example of the kind of divisive political posturing in which Smith has trafficked since his days as a bomb-throwing leftist blogger.

His proposal is simply a boilerplate leftwing protest policy that has been promoted by progressives throughout the nation for years. It's moral preening. It's meant to signal that Smith cares about minorities.

Granted, not the Spanish people - whose flag Christopher Columbus sailed under. 

Or the Italian people - who celebrate Columbus as a great Italian explorer.

But the Native American minorities? Smith cares about them.

And he might also hate the white ancestors.


Make no mistake, this proposal is not even really about celebrating indigenous peoples. It's about iconoclasm, score-settling, and judging our ancestors by modern standards conjured up by progressives (Those standards are, obviously, subject to change the moment they no longer advance the current narrative.)


If this were actually about celebrating the achievements and cultures of indigenous peoples, I'd expect Smith to be huge booster of National Native American Heritage Day. It's the day after Thanksgiving.

If he wants to celebrate indigenous cultures, he's had years to do so while on Council.

However, he has not.

Instead, he seeks to erase one culture's celebration and replace it with another's.

Which is kind of ironic.