The lack of media coverage of the Kermit Gosnell trial last year was a shameful display of journalism bias, which can more often be seen in what stories do NOT get covered rather than how stories get covered.

Ignoring the Gosnell case was so prevalent among major media outlets, that the arbiter of all fake internet stories - Snopes - had to explain to readers that the story was, in fact, true:

Dr. Kermit Gosnell is a Philadelphia-area doctor who is currently on trial in Pennsylvania, charged with a variety of crimes related to his performance of hundreds of illegal and gruesome late-term abortions. Although Dr. Gosnell's case has not yet been fully adjudicated, the grand jury report for his case prepared by district attorney R. Seth Williams is truly a horrifying read...


Conservatives argued the case got no attention because the journalists in major media outlets are liberal. Those reporters and editors who heard of the case didn't prioritize the story because it would hurt their pro-choice political position.

Now, some pro-life filmmakers are raising money to produce a movie about Gosnell. Here is their pitch for funding:



For conservatives who decry the coarsening of the culture and moral drift of America, here is a perfect opportunity to help influence social norms and bring attention to an issue that is usually central to their conservatism.

I guess we'll see if the right can put their money where their philosophy is.