It's one of the few topics that has a chance to unify both the left and right. For years I've called it "The Unholy Alliance," but the accepted term is 'corporate cronyism.'

It's when business uses the force of government to disadvantage competitors, keep prices artificially high, bar access to the industry through permitting and licensure, and use regulations to maintain profits.

And now there are cartoon 'superheroes' to help highlight how it all works.

Hilarity ensues.


I don't know about you, but I want some of these action figures!

The creators (Emergent Order) even set up a high quality dummy website for the parody parent company - Chimera Incoporated.

from Joe Saunders at Biz Pac Review:

Like a team of unholy X-Men from K Street, they use their government-granted superpowers to fight the  evil of entrepreneurship – creative productivity that threatens the destruction of closed markets and cozy profit margins reserved for the wired in.

No sector of crony capitalism is spared in the commercial, whether it’s unions (the team of Parts and Labor), Big Agriculture (in the form of Kaptain Korn), or the Big Banks (Bankor the Prophet is “part prophet and part profiteer”).

By the way, these are the same folks who put together the epic rap battle between Keynes and Hayek. Well worth the time.