Saturday night was the 15th Annual Blue Jean Ball for Manna Food Bank. This is one of the best fundraisers I've ever attended, and it all goes to a great cause.

On Saturday, Governor Pat McCrory dropped by the event - and you can see some more of the photos here.

He got on stage and made some brief comments. I mean REALLY brief comments. It was "Thanks for all you do, for supporting the best food bank in North Carolina." And that was it.

The reception he got was not exactly overwhelmingly positive. There was some applause, but no booing.


Later, as he walked around and chatted with people and got his pictures taken with many of them, one woman yelled at him to expand Medicaid. He said, "It's a lot more involved than just expanding the program."

She kept repeating, "It's for poor people! It helps poor people!"

Finally, he continued walking and said he wasn't going to debate the matter at the fundraiser.

Another woman argued and lobbied him on the Asheville water system issue.

But despite the political protests that tend to greet him when gets out here, it appears the Republican Governor intends to continue making appearances in Western NC.

Even inside liberal Asheville city limits.