PHOTO: Andres Rueda

The Wall Street Journal reports that Disney is SO TOTALLY going to milk the Star Wars franchise for all it's worth.

Screenwriters Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are at work on films centered on characters from the blockbuster science-fiction series, Mr. Iger said in an appearance on CNBC. He declined to elaborate on details such as which characters the films would include or when they would be released.

I should point out that Kasdan did the Empire Strikes Back, so I'm optimistic it won't be some poor-dialogue-laden snoozefest like the three most-recent "prequels"were.

The film projects will come in addition to “Star Wars” sequels Disney has been developing since October, when the entertainment giant paid more than $4 billion in cash and stock for Lucasfilm Ltd., the company that produced “Star Wars” and its many sequels and prequels. Disney said at the time that it would produce three new films in the lucrative series, starting in 2015.

So, what kinds of movies can we expect?  Hard to say...

"Yoda: The Wild Centuries" - A hilarious comedy about how the eventual Jedi master left a life of empty relationships and crazy parties to find The Force.  Party he did. Change he must.

"Rebel Royalty" - A moving and emotional account of how Leia became the Princess of the Rebellion. This heart-warming tale will inspire while answering the question - "How did she get to be such a good shot with a laser gun?"

"The Wookie" - A hilarious yet moving and inspiring tale of a wookie's coming of age. Fans will cheer as Chewbacca proves to his whole planet that he has what it takes to be the most famous wookie in the galaxy. (Subtitles included)

"Skywalking" - A documentary of the young life of Luke Skywalker. Watch as he farms, repairs droids, and does odd jobs around the family farm.

The possibilities are limitless, here!