Going past the apartment complex dumpster yesterday left me amazed at the lengths some people will go to prove their stupidity and laziness.


The first thing I thought was, "Wait! Did Hoarders tape a show in my apartment complex?"

But, no, that couldn't be right.

The TV show Hoarders carts off all the crap they remove from the compulsive clutterbugs.

It being the end of the month, I suspect this was someone leaving the apartment complex who didn't want to move a bunch of... what exactly?

Look how everything is bagged up like trash. So, the people didn't want to take all this garbage with them, but were perfectly willing to live with it all in their apartment. Huh?

But, hey, you want to live under a mountain of trash, that's your call. What hacks me off is when their laziness and stupidity impacts me.

Notice how they piled all the trash in the walkway to the dumpster.


I cannot tell if the dumpster (inside the brick wall) is full. But let's assume it is. Why would these imbeciles pile up the trash on the walkway to the dumpster when there is a perfectly good path around the back that nobody walks on?

Better yet, there is the area around the dumpster on the left side (out of the picture) where the truck come to haul it all away.

It's people like this that make me doubt whether our species deserves to exist much longer.

I am reminded of the movie Idiocracy: