Some disturbed individual has set up a Facebook pagehonoring the former LAPD officer who is terrorizing California right now. I'd recommend NOT clicking the link, as it shows a gruesome photo of a dead police officer. 

I've cropped some of the page so you can see it below. There is another page worshipping Dorner here, and it has almost 8,000 "Likes."

My first reaction: Our society has sunk to a new low.

But, then again, maybe not.

Weren't outlaws like Jesse James and Billy the Kid were celebrated as heroes, too? Mobsters were quasi-celebrities in their days, too.

But I can't help but notice how Facebook has allowed this page to exist.

Back in 2009, a Facebook page called "Impeach Pelosi" started up. The Facebook folks stripped the administrators of their rights, so they could not update the page any more.

The double standard is getting pretty old.