By Tank Spencer


I can’t stand fans that take their allegiances too far. Being superstitious and feeling like “WE” won the game are acceptable to a certain extent, but it’s when fandom takes precedence over common sense and decency. Sunday it was yet again Houston Texans fans over-stepping the boundaries.


We spoke Saturday about a couple of fans showing up at Houston quarterback Matt Schaub’s house last week and harassing him and taking pictures of his house and family. Local police are involved in investigating that. And frankly, to me, the punishment for trespassing won’t fit the crime. Now, back to Sunday…


The Texans were playing the St. Louis Rams at home and in the third quarter, Schaub was hit and suffered an ankle injury. As he exited the playing field a “smattering” of Texans fans actually cheered. It’s hard too express on this station sponsored blog how this makes me feel. The words *&#?%)! (&!!$?*! come to mind.

In an equally classless matter, San Francisco 49ers fans ignored the fact that an Arizona Cardinals player lay motionless on the field and continued to do "the wave." Aside from the fact that that is THE stupidest fan celebration out there, this is pitiful. A man's life may hang in the balance, you should have some respect and shut your trap. 

I love my teams, I think, more than anyone else - but once you’re happy that one of your players or an opposing player is injured, it is time to reassess. Because football, baseball, etc. are games that entertain, idiots have a hard time (I guess) deciphering what’s appropriate and what isn’t. We forget that athletes are people. They deserve some respect just as human beings, not because they can run a good 40 time and catch a ball. I wonder if these same people would cheer a police officer getting shot after he misspelled their name on a traffic ticket?