Cooper Vetoes Two Bills

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper whips out the veto pen. Copper vetoed Senate Bill 86 that would combine the state Ethics Commission with the Board of Elections, and restructure the board to be split politically 4-to-4. Cooper says the move is unconstitutional and says the provision to give Democrats control over county elections boards in odd years and Republicans control in even years is an electoral manipulation scheme.

Cooper also vetoed Friday, a bill that would cut the number of judges sitting on the state Court of Appeals from 15 to 12. House Bill 239 would have pared down the court through attrition, as three judges are expected to retire in the next three years. Cooper would have authority to appoint their replacements if the court stays at 15. Cooper says the change would increase the court’s workload and delay appeals. He calls it an attempt by Republicans to pack the court. Republicans currently have an 11-4 majority on the court.


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