123-Year-Old Lobster Pardoned

(Hempstead, NY)  --  A 132-year-old Lobster named "Louie" is free after spending two decades at a New York restaurant.  

"Peter's Calm Bar" supervisors Butch Yamali and Anthony Santino released the 22-pound lobster back into the sea Friday.  

Santino pardoned Louie in honor of National Lobster month, saying it's better than a -- quote -- "buttery fate on a seafood lover's plate."  

Yamali adds that Louie had become "like a pet" and was his time to return back to his natural habitat.

Town officials and residents were on hand for Louie the Lobster's send-off.  

An expert says the lobster is expected to live despite losing a claw and spending much of his life in captivity

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