Hilarious things experienced in Public Restrooms

  • A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks confessing to  some hilarious experiences they’ve encountered in public restrooms
  • One  women mistakenly followed a man into the male restroom becuase she  thought it was the way to the train platform, and one held up a restroom  line simply because she didn’t turn the nob far enough,
  • Meanwhile one person caught a couple having sex and purposefully scared them into thinking the cops were there

As much  as we may not like having to use a public bathroom, it’s a safe bet  everyone’s had to do it. Sure the experience can be downright gross,  even embarrassing, but once in a while they can actually be pretty  funny, and when that happens you just have to share. 

Well,  that’s exactly what’s occurring in a new thread on the anonymous Whisper  app. Folks are confessing to some of their most hilarious experiences  they encountered in a public bathroom, and they are pretty darn funny. 

Among the confessions:

  • “In the public bathroom at work and just heard another lady come out  of the stall and sigh, ‘ah that felt good.’ Glad everything came out  okay for her.”
  • “I once held up a restroom line at a restaurant  because I thought someone was in there. Turns out I didn’t turn the  handle all the way to open it.”
  • “When I was opening a pad in the bathroom I heard a little girl ask her mom why I was eating chips in the bathroom.”
  • “I  once walked into the male restroom at a train station. Well, I was  doing my business and let one rip and then heard ‘nice one’ from the  stall next to me. When I emerged the look on his face was priceless.”
  • “I once accidentally followed a guy into the male restroom thinking it was the way to the train station platform.”
  • “There  was a kid in the bathroom stall next to me at daycare. I heard ‘Ready?  Aim. Shoot!’ Then he started peeing. I have never laughed harder in my  life.”
  • “I started singing in a public bathroom and didn’t realize someone else was in there until I heard an awkward cough next to me.”
  • “My boy was in a public bathroom with me and we heard someone blow their nose and he piped up and said ‘Mommy it’s an elephant!”
  • “I  was in a public restroom once, and this little girl stuck her head  under the stall door and watched me pee with a serious expression the  entire time. I didn’t know what to do so I just went with it.”
  • “I  heard a couple going at it in a public bathroom. So naturally I banged  on the door and yelled ‘the cops are coming run!’ just to watch them  panic and run away.”
  • “Was in a Wal-Mart bathroom today and heard a talkative little girl say ‘mommy are you pooping?' and later say ‘mommy are you done pooping?’”

Source: Whisper

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