3 Ex-Buncombe Co. Administrators Charged

A criminal bill of indictment was returned today for former Buncombe County managers Wanda Greene and Mandy Stone, as well as for former assistant county manager Jon Creighton. The U.S. Attorney's Office says the three are due in court on Monday, August 20th. 

The trio is being accused of enriching themselves through a kickback and bribery scheme with a contractor. A bill of criminal indictment alleges Greene, Stone, and Creighton accepted and solicited gifts from the contractor, including all-expense paid trips, meals, tickets to sporting events, and spa treatments. The indictment says from the mid-80's to 2018, the contractor worked for three unidentified companies and secured more than $15 million in county contracts for consulting and engineering services.

Greene, Stone, and Creighton are all charged with wire fraud and aiding and abetting; conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States; receipt of bribes and kickbacks and aiding and abetting; and federal program fraud and aiding and abetting. Each face a maximum of 45 years in prison, if found guilty of the four charges. 

Additionally, Wanda Greene has been charged with six counts of tax fraud, related to the whole life insurance scam she was charged with in June. 

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