Government Report Finds No Evidence That UFOs Are Alien Spacecraft

A soon-to-be-released report on unidentified flying objects said that intelligence officials have found no evidence that the mysterious flying crafts are alien in origin. According to the New York Times, the report doesn't rule out the existence of alien spacecraft either.

The report, which is expected to be delivered to Congress this month, examined over 120 incidents, in which military pilots witnessed unidentified aircraft performing maneuvers that seemed to defy physics. In one of the few firm conclusions in the report, officials ruled out that the sightings were related to classified military technology or other top-secret U.S. programs.

The intelligence community remains unable to explain the phenomena or how the crafts appear to defy the laws of physics by accelerating and turning on a dime at breakneck speeds.

While the report will contain a classified annex, officials told the Times that the annex does not contain anything suggesting the aircraft are alien in origin. Another official said that the intelligence community is concerned that the craft could be experimental designs from China or Russia.

"The sense I have from the briefings I've sat in on is nobody knows what to do about it. There's not a policy prescription, and that's why there is such a hesitancy to deal with the issue," Rep. Michael Waltz, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, told CNN. "But it's disturbing, either way, you know, is this alien life, or do adversaries or someone else have capabilities that far exceed anything we have the ability to understand track or counter? Either way, it's really bad," said Waltz.

Photo: Getty Images

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