Pat Sajak Shares Heartbreaking News On 'Wheel Of Fortune'

You never know what can happen on Wheel Of Fortune. The show has been on the air for nearly five decades, but in just the past few years it's made headlines for all sorts of reasons. There was the time a contestant possibly threw the game on purpose, the time when host Pat Sajak accidentally and unbeknownst to him gave away a puzzle, the time a contestant forgot what a vowel was and lost, the time a contestant's NSFW answer made Pat blush and so many others.

In fact, just last week the show made the news when Sajak proudly announced that his son, Patrick, had graduated from medical school and become a doctor. On Monday, Pat made another personal announcement, but this one was heartbreaking. He revealed to Vanna White and the entire Wheel audience that his family had to say goodbye to their dog of 12 years, Stella, noting, "It was a very sad time for the Sajak family."

Not wanting to leave things on such an upsetting note though, Pat shared some photos of happier times with Stella. In one, she was playing with a ceramic Dalmatian, and in another, she was contently laying with Pat. Sajak said, "We're gonna miss her. She was a good friend."

Sajak’s Sad Announcement

Condolences for Sajak and his family came pouring in on Twitter.

RIP Stella.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: ©2021 Califon Productions, Inc.

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