WATCH: Two Navy Warships Nearly Collide In San Diego Bay

U.S. Military Joint Task Force Exercises

Photo: Getty Images

Two Navy warships nearly collided with each other in San Diego Bay. Lieutenant Samuel Boyle, the U.S. 3rd Fleet spokesman, told ABC News that the guided-missile destroyer USS Momsen and dock landing ship USS Harpers Ferry were traveling in opposite directions when they came within 35 yards of each other.

Officials said that the two captains agreed to traverse a narrow channel between Naval Base Point Loma and Naval Air Station North simultaneously and that both crews were in constant communication.

A video of the near-miss was posted on Twitter by San Diego Web Cam, which shares live-streaming videos from various locations around the southern California city. The video shows the 544-foot USS Momsen making a sharp port-side turn to get out of the way of the much larger, 610-foot USS Harper's Ferry.

The video also includes audio transmissions from the crew of the USS Momsen warning the USS Harper's Ferry they were making a left turn to avoid a potential collision.

"We are coming to port to avoid you," the Momsen said.

A crew member on the Harper's Ferry replied, "We are coming to port to avoid you as well."

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