This Is North Carolina's Best Italian Restaurant

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Is there anything better than a plate of pasta that is so good it lights a fire in your soul? Just because Italy is halfway around the world doesn't mean you can't find deliciously authentic Italian cuisine right here in North Carolina. Whether you are looking for a fresh seafood linguini, a filling chicken parmesan or even a flavorful braised osso bucco, you're never too far from an incredible Italian restaurant waiting to welcome you in with open arms.

5 Reasons To Visit recently released its "Best List" of the top Italian restaurant in each state, from gourmet dishes whipped up in elegant hotels to restaurants serving up meals created by James Beard Award-nominated chefs.

So which North Carolina eatery is considered the best Italian restaurant in the state?

Nonna's Italian Restaurant and Pizza

Located just outside of Charlotte, this family-owned business has been serving incredible Italian food to hosts of guests since opening its doors in 2015.

Nonna's is located at 4995 Weddington Road in Concord.

Here's what the site had to say:

"There is family in every aspect of their business, even down to our Nonna who you will find helping out on the weekends. They pride themselves in being a completely scratch kitchen. All of their sauces, soups, dough, breads, and desserts are all made daily and in-house when ordered. If you don't see it on the menu, ASK! Chef Frank never says no. If he has the ingredients needed, you can bet he will make what you are craving. Chef Francesco (Frank) uses old school recipes that were taught to him as a young boy in Italy. Over the years he has perfected these recipes. They have been told by many that they have the best marinara sauce in town."

Learn more about the best Italian restaurants in the country by checking out the full report at 5 Reasons To Visit.

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