North Carolina Restaurant Named One Of America's Best Classic Diners

Photo: Alexander Spatari/Moment/Getty Images

Diners are more than just the perfect addition to any road trip or the setting for satiating any late-night craving for delicious food. They are also the place to go for incredible fare, like the best burgers you'll ever have, the stack of fluffy pancakes drenched in sweet syrup, or the endless cup of coffee perfect that will you up even on the longest, coldest night.

Using reviews, awards and accolades, and first-hand experience, LoveFood compiled a list of the best classic diners in America, celebrating "gloriously retro" eateries with "plenty of stories to tell."

According to the site, the North Carolina restaurant recognized as one of the best classic diners in the entire country is Midnight Diner, a popular 24/7 diner in Charlotte serving up tasty meals perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner or anytime a craving for incredible diner food hits.

Midnight Diner is located at 420 E. Trade Street.

Here's what LoveFood had to say:

"The aptly named Midnight Diner is open 24/7, with neon lights reflecting off the silvery dining car exterior throughout the night. It's the place to go if you yearn for soul food made from scratch — dishes such as shrimp and grits, fried chicken wings, mac 'n' cheese, and collard greens are all endorsed by happy diners."

If you want to read up on more of the best classic diners around the country, check out the full list at

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