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6:13- Bill Zimpfer- President Trump may remove more security clearances.  Those clearances are more numerous than you might think.  We'll look at the types of clearances, how you get them, and answer the question...does the president have a clearance?  AND The hurricane season is off to a slow start in the United States, and while we have yet to reach  the peak of the season...the next two weeks are critical.

6:43-Buncombe County Ex Managers head to court for arraignment

7:13- Ray Stagich WX

7:23- Whip the Weatherman- Jam in the Trees at Pisgah Brewing

7:43- Michael Bower- Trumps lawyer Don McGahn is cooperating “extensively” with special counsel Robert Mueller.  Why? What kind of meetings has he had? What is the President saying about it? Should Trump be concerned? AND Comedian Michelle Wolfe's show on Netflix has been cancelled. What does that mean for her? What does it mean for the "late night" style television shows? What was the reason for the cancellation?

8:13- PRESIDENT TRUMP weekend in review FOX News Radio’s JON DECKER

8:23- FOOD PORN: CHAIN RESTAURANTS’ UNHEALTHIEST MEALS REVEALEDEating, generally speaking, is a very personal thing. A definition of "healthy" eating is often in the eye of the beholder - with seemingly endless opinions and research all trying to point us to how humans should eat.  Every year, The Center for Science in the Public Interest compiles a list of the unhealthiest meal choices one can make while dining out.  Making the list of the top eight unhealthiest meals, CSPI says, is not easy.  Each menu item on the list comes from a popular restaurant chain, and often boasts an entire day's worth of calories into one meal.  Throw in some added sugar, sodium and at least a day's dose of saturated fat, and you're looking at a prime candidate to make the list of CSPI's "Xtreme Eating Awards." This is a great talker. 

Did a meal at your favorite restaurant make the list?

Healthy eating specialist SORAYA SPENCER 


Gallup Report: 30 percent of Americans say drugs have caused trouble in their families, a new high. Drinking impacts 37 percent.  As a parent, friend or spouse of an addict, how can you help? What's the worst thing you can do? Is it ever a good idea to cut ties? If your child has a problem, what should you do the second you suspect something? If a loved one overdoses, how do you deal with that grief? With guilt? How do you stop blaming yourself?How can families deal with the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse?Attorney & Advocate // Also lost a son to heroin overdose at the age of 20. In his new book, Signals of Transcendence, he tells his own story of defeating demons, asking for help and recovering his life


8:52- High School Football Wrap-Up

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