Segregationist NCAA demands others desegregate

In the interest of full disclosure I should state at the outset that I don't care at all about the NCAA. I find it to be a corrupt, unethical, and oppressive organization that profits off the labor of other people.

While I enjoy watching some college athletics from time to time, it's not something I care about. I do not devote chunks of my life or money watching these sports events.

This is my bias.

So, naturally, I don't care where this organization says championship games can be played. If they pick Fargo over Fayetteville for the field hockey Division III championship, I pay zero attention.

But I know other people do.

A lot of people care very much about the NCAA. Because they love sports and their favorite team(s).

And that's their bias.

I also understand the economic arguments that boosters and politicians make about the revenue various championships "bring in." I won't argue the degree to which this economic impact affects government and private business budgets, except to note that the value of these events is directly tied to the participation of the schools - publicly-funded ones, at that.

But the NCAA is like fiat currency. It's valuable because people believe it is.

Its value is derived from the number of schools that participate in the NCAA's "business" model.

Which makes the NCAA's foray into gender politics all the more odious.

The NCAA is telling every participant in its model -- every student in every program; every taxpayer funding every state college; every elected official; and every fan -- that unless they adopt what the NCAA says should be a new societal norm, then the NCAA will punish them. Even more morally bankrupt, the NCAA uses the extorted's own money, talent, and time to do so.

This is not surprising to me - given my aforementioned view of the NCAA.

A report earlier this week said the NCAA will not be letting any North Carolina city host any championship event for six years because of the state General Assembly's adoption of HB2 - which protects private business's freedom to make their bathrooms sex-specific or not, prohibits cities from adopting Non-Discrimination Ordinances (NDOs) that go beyond state and federal law, and requires state-owned bathrooms be sex-specific - based on the sex listed on a person's birth certificate.

These laws are in place in many cities and state across the nation.

But NC is a swing state where Democrats lost their century-long grip on power in 2010. Using their "Blueprint" to "eviscerate, mitigate, litigate, cogitate, and agitate" their way back into power, the Left pushed a controversial local ordinance through the Charlotte City Council, prompting the response from state lawmakers.

Unable to undo the legislation in the General Assembly, the Left promoted and celebrate economic warfare against state residents and companies to extort changes they desired - specifically, unfettered access by anyone to any shower, bathroom, or changing facility at any time.

The NCAA cast its lot with the Left in this crusade.

With an exemption for itself, of course.

See, like all corrupt and morally bankrupt organizations, the NCAA is merely interested in having these radical new norms apply to others. Not itself.

Otherwise, why does the NCAA still segregate it's very own teams by sex? Oh, I know they say it has to do with inherent physical differences between men and women that affects competition, but that's just an anachronistic patriarchal construct. As their position on unisex access to showers indicates, physiological differences are irrelevant. All that matters is the mind.

If an athlete believes he or she can compete with anyone, then that person's anatomy should not preclude him or her from doing so.

This would be the honest and consistent position for the NCAA to adopt. So, naturally, it does not.

The NCAA segregates people by their anatomy and says nobody else may do the same.

If the NCAA is to live by the new societal standard it endorses, it must abolish all designated Men's and Women's teams. A single team for each school is all that is required. All students must compete against each other for a place on the school team - no matter their sex.

For equality.

For justice.

For fairness.

Otherwise, the NCAA is simply an organization of cowards extorting innocent people in an effort to distract people from their own discrimination.

But you know my bias... I already think it is.

Pete Kaliner

Pete Kaliner

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