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Will 11th hour accusation derail Kavanaugh?

Yea! America gets to argue over what happened at a house party in 1982 as part of our Supreme Court nomination. 

According to the Washington Post, Christine Blasey Ford called their tip line and sent a letter to Democratic members of Congress over the summer, where she outlined her accusation against Brett Kavanaugh (who has been the target of scurrilous and demented attacks by leftists and Democratic lawmakers).

She claims Kavanaugh and his friend - Mark Judge - hustled her into a bedroom upstairs:

[Kavanaugh] held her down with  the weight of his body and fumbled with her clothes, seemingly hindered  by his intoxication. Judge stood across the room, she said, and both  boys were laughing “maniacally.” She said she yelled, hoping that  someone downstairs would hear her over the music, and Kavanaugh clapped  his hand over her mouth to silence her. 

At one point, she said, Judge jumped on top of them, and she tried  unsuccessfully to wriggle free. Then Judge jumped on them again,  toppling them, and she broke away, she said.

But Ford doesn't remember some key pieces of information that would help support her accusation. She doesn't remember how she got to the party, how she got home, or where the party was. 

She did not tell anyone about the incident, but decades later first brought it up to her therapist in 2012. (The NY Times had run an article about Mitt Romney potentially winning the election and nominating Kavanaugh.)

The therapist's notes confirm she did talk about the incident, but they don't name Kavanaugh and they say there were four boys in the room, not two. Ford says this is a misunderstanding on the part of the therapist, and that could be the case. Perhaps she said, "There were four boys there" meaning at the party - but the therapist thought she meant they were in the room.

What a mess.

So, now it looks like we're going to see more testimony...


Also, there are reports from conservative online sleuths today that Kavanaugh's mom - a judge herself - ruled against Ford's parents in a foreclosure case. This might indicate a motive, along with her scrubbing all of her social media accounts, donations to Democrats, participation in lefty protests.

In order to test the credibility of an allegation, we must weigh all the evidence - whether it undermines the accused or the accuser's story.

I fear our society isn't equipped to discuss the accusation, let alone adjudicate it in the court of public opinion.

But, wait! There's more!

Mom of MS-13 victim killed by a woman who was allegedly trashing the victim memorial site.

Studies find men and women are different. Outrage (and shutuppery) ensues.

FOX News reports that two hours after FBI Director Jim Comey was fired, one of his FBI agents - Peter Strzok - texted his then-colleague and lover: "We need to open the case we've been waiting on now while Andy is acting."

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